2735 15th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407-1130

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In early 2008, this subsidized housing building (elderly and disabled, all 55+ years of age) became infested with bed bugs.

Although the management knew of the problem and that it was spreading through the building, they decided to not advise the tenants (i.e., those not yet affected) about the issue while they searched for the cheapest way to address it.

During this time, my unit became infested, as the bed bugs occupied the walls and were moving from unit to unit. I had extensive sores

on my legs, but did not know the source, as I never saw a bed bug & never had any experience of them.

By the time they made any real attempts at remediation of the bed bugs, in 2009, several apartments were infested.

This building is known as St. Paul's Home and is owned by a church (St. Paul's, across the street), and has a board of directors who hired a management company, Augustana Care. It is the board of directors and Augustana who are accountable for their irresponsible actions and the resultant suffering of the tenants.

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