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February 13, 2012: My husband and I live at the Stadium Drive apartments and have been dealing with bed bugs since the beginning of January. The WMU Apartments already had 1 heat treatment done (February 7, 2012--yes it took them that long to give our apartment a treatment when we first contacted them around January 10, 2012) and there are STILL bed bugs here. Since my husband never even heard of bed bugs, when he found them all over our mattress, he flipped out and threw out our mattress. He a

sked WMU Apartments if we could borrow one of their mattresses while we waited for a new one to come in, the mattress that they lent to us seems to have brought MORE bed bugs into our apartment because the heat treatment had worked; there were no more signs of bed bugs afterwards until WMU brought in the mattress and left it at our apartment while we were out. They didn't even notify any of the tenants in our building that there was even an infestation of bed bugs in the first place! We know this because my husband asked around to several other tenants in our building and we know that at least 3 other apartments have had bed bugs over the past month! WMU does have a bed bug problem and they aren't sufficiently doing their jobs in notifying their tenants about this problem!

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Treatment dates Week of 09/05/2011 and 09/12/2011.

Stadium Drive Apts 1940 Apt 517.

Treated for bedbug infestation.

Clothing bagged, items centralized, full apartment spray and followed up with furniture removal.

Rose pest control has contract.

Management originally stated there is no way they can move through common areas--"holes for pipes or wires" to adjoining apartments. Seems a bit illogical.

3 levels with 2 apartments per level, 2 bedrooms per apartment.

I found 2 in

my bathroom, killed them and disposed of them, was told I probably don't know whatthey look like (internet/google images anyone?), this was just before they treated the adjoining apartment 517.

Positive note: Coordinated inspection scheduled for this week after lengthy discussion with facilities management.

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My friends and I stayed in the Valley dorms for a conference in May 2010. We saw bugs crawling around the room and I had bites show up. We ended up bringing bugs back with us. The University refused to admit that they had a bedbug infestation.

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