16300 W 9 Mile Rd
Southfield, MI 48075

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On August 15, 2011, we were notifield that our bldg would be having pest control out to spray every apartment. At first I thought it was for bedbugs until I continued to read and we have roaches as well. This is seriously getting out of control! There's bedbugs and roaches EVERYWHERE. Since Kimberly Walker Manager under the supervision on Carlene of GFI MGT has been here a little less than 2 months, 75% of the residents have vacated the bldg. Carlene and Kimberly both have horrible attitudes and

are not very easy to talk to regarding this matter. Kimberly never leaves her office to deal with the residents and Carlene never returns phone calls in an appropriate time frame. When she does, she never gives the residents politeness nor concern when we are trying to complain about these pests. There are roaches crawling all over the doorways OUTSIDE of numerous apartments. The halls reek of dog poop, urine and other things. The elevators are broken. Our extra curricular facilities have been shut down with reason. WE ARE INFESTED WITH BEDBUGS AND ROACHES. I AM SO SURPRISED THAT THIS BLDG HAS YET TO N
BE CONDEMNED. THEY SHOULD JUST PAY TO RELOCATE THE VERY FEW RESIDENTS TO A MORE CLEAN AND SANITARY ENVIRONMENT! This is so sad! There a very young children that are affected by this. I thank God that my children are older and away at college. A little girl was bitten TREMENDOUSLY all over her body by these bugs. I AM SO SHOCKED THE THE CITY OF SOUTHFIELD IS ALLOWING THIS CONDITION TO CONTINUE THIS WAY. And the sad part is, we're right next to Fox 2 News and no story has yet to be covered on this issue. I personally complained to Community Health about these issues numerous times. And I know first had that some of my neighbors have as well. No one has been out, going door to door, to inquire of the validity of these matters. SO SAD! I WISH SOMEONE WILL PLZ HELP US. PLEASE?? THERE ARE SO MANY MORE ISSUES TO ADDRESS BUT THIS COULD GO ON FOR DAYS.

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I live in the building. On October 4, 2010. I went to the second floor laundry room, and immediately saw bedbugs on top of the washing machines. After being totally creeped out I looked down on the floor and saw bedbugs crawling on the floor of the laundry room. There are 3 clothes dryers in the room, the dryer closest to the wall had about 100 or more large dead bedbugs on the floor right in front of the dryer. I got my husband and off we went to the office to alert management. Linda, tried

to treat me like I was stupid and kept repeating NO there are no bedbugs in the building. I finally had to shut her up and tell her we're not stupid. Sabrina, would not even address us and closed the door to her office in our faces while we were standing there. We have been in this building for just over 2 years, and unfortunatly just signed a new lease in July. When we first moved in the building it was kept up , the halls were clean and there were no problems. Within the last 6 months things have gotten out of control! The halls smell of urine and the carpet is filthy! Needless to say we will be moving out at the end of our lease, or sooner. I will be consulting the advice of an attorney. I know the Detroit area is having a bad bedbug problem just tell us the truth, I have since asked other residents who say they are having a problem in their units. Management should just come clean, and say they will try to resolve the problem DON'T LIE TO US!

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