9500 Coastal Hwy
Ocean City, MD 21842-2608

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Pyramid 3E and 3 D - To the anonymous comment about our stay in both of these comments - obviously this must be the owner that wrote this or a friend. (1) We did not get a free vacation - our money was not refunded and (2) why would I make this up - our long weekend was ruined because of the bed bugs.

The report above is untrue and the person that wrote it must be hard up for a free vacation to say something like this nothing that they wrote is true. There is no infestation of bed bugs in the Pyramid nor has there ever been. THis is a false story made up by a vicious and disturbed person.

The Pyramid Unit 3E and 3D 9500 Coastal Hwy Ocean City Md - 27 April - 30 April 2012. My husband and I reserved 3E from an owner. We checked in on Friday, 27 April. Once we checked in we unpacked our belongings and headed out to dinner. Got back to the condo and went to bed around 1:00 a.m. I had gotten up from the bed around 4:00 a.m. and I noticed little red bugs in the bed. I had no idea what bed bugs looked like, so I looked it up on the internet and they were red and oval as describe

d. I called the owner that morning and left her a msg. She didn't return the call so an hour later I called her again and she answered. I told her about the bed bugs and she informed me that she had someone come out there and they said it was not bed bugs but moss bug. I told her that I didn't care what type of bugs they were, but I didn't feel comfortable staying there. She moved us into her other condo 3D - next door. We spent the entire day of our vacation doing laundry and washing everything in hot water. We looked up moss bugs and the bugs in the bed were not moss bugs. That evening she check in to see if everything was ok and we said yes, but we hadn't gotten to bed yet. She then told us that she called the same exterminator and they said it was carpet beatles. Before going to bed I check the mattress and boxpring and found little red shells. My husband told me it was nothing and we went to bed. Once again I got up in the middle of the night and saw a bed bug on my pillow. I woke up my husband we started checking and found 5 of them. One of them we captured and put into a cup for the owner to see. At that pointed we put our clothing in plastic bags and went home. I am sure the owner was aware and had gotten complaints for ours. I think it was very unfair of her to know that both condo's had bed bugs and still rented it out to us. When we got home, we had to throw out luggage, pillows, etc. We spent Sunday washing all the clothes. Our much need getaway was a bust and I blame the owner for that. She even informed us that after finding the first bed bug, that there was a condo meeting about the infestation of bed bugs in the building. I think owners that are aware that their condo's have bed bugs should be fined for allowing guests to check in. I am now hessitate about going back to Ocean City.

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