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My daughter returned to her apartment after Thanksgiving to find out that her roommate has bedbugs. Visual inspection found none in my daughter's room (next to the infested room), but that doesn't mean there aren't any. They found them in the hallway. An exterminator sprayed on Saturday and will again in 2 weeks. From what I've read, this usually doesn't get rid of them. The manager is telling them that they have to pay for the treatment. Their lease indicates otherwise. Also, he told them that

someone else had had them at the other end of their building in July; the woman believes she got them while traveling. I believe that my daughter's roommate probably got them in the laundry room of the building. She began having problems with red welts in August, but didn't realize what they were until she went to the doctor last week. Management has been very laid back about this; no real confidence this will get resolved simply by spraying based on what I've read and from speaking with an exterminator.

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