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On Thursday evening (February 10, 2011) I found an unrecognized insect crawling on my bathroom wall.
I attempted to determine what is was and discovered this site.

On Friday (February 11, 2011) I took the insect to the rental office to report the insect as a bed bug.
I was told by a member of the rental office staff that it was not a bed bug, since it was found in the bathroom. A rental office staff member wanted to squash it and throw it away. I said no, that I wanted to keep it until I

knew for sure.
I requested a bed bug inspection of my apartment.

On Monday (February 14, 2011) an inpector came. When I showed the inspector the insect, he said immediately that it was a bed bug and that he did not need to see more as confirmation of the presence of bed bugs.
I encouraged him to look further, because I saw no other signs of bed bugs. The inspector found no other visual signs either. So it was a good thing that I did not let the rental office staff throw it away.

On Tuesday (February 15, 2011) I went to the rental office to inquire about what happens next.
I was told that the inspector's report showed a light infestation.
When I ask if the entire building was going to be treated, the answer was no: only the neighboring apartments bordering my apartment.

Now I am awaiting scheduling for the treatment.

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