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It's me again. November 6, 2012
I live in Manitoba Housing and one of my neighbor's in the townhouses I live in has bed bugs again. Only this time it has been on going of me getting sprayed since March 2012.
I still don't have the bed bugs, just such a pain,in the you know what for
me to have to prep my unit every time to get sprayed. Almost a whole year and they haven't been able to get rid of the bugs.

I am very grateful that I don't have them yet, just can't figure out why Manitoba Ho

using doesn't have a more effective strategy of dealing with bed bugs.
I mean, I live in townhouses, alot easier to get rid of the bed bugs, so what gives?

I am a very honest person, not making anything up, just thought people need to know. The more people that know about the bed bug issue, hopefully more action against them can be taken.

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I know the neigbor beside me had bedbugs.(we will in townhouses). I never got them and I've lived here going on 16 yrs. now. I know other people that live in these townhouses have had them too.
It took manitoba housing a couple of months to get rid of the bedbugs in the townhouse beside me.
It's easier for mha to get rid of the bed bugs here because each townhouse is a seperate unit.
Just wanted to let you know this.

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