60 Edmonton St
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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October 1, 2012
Astroid Management

My friend found 3 bites on me. The following day I looked around my apartment and found half dead and dead bugs in my living room. They looked like an apple seed. I had never seen a bedbug before, and I didn't have internet at the time to look it up. Later while I was trying to relax in bed, I felt something on my arm and found a live bug crawling on me. I killed it right away and put them in a Ziploc bag, then showed them to a friend who confirmed I had be

d bugs.

I went through 3 treatments and since October 20th I haven't seen any live ones, nor have gotten any bites. But this building is on a bed bug program... which means the whole building has a problem. I would not recommend moving here unless you want to deal with bed bugs.

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