199 Colony St
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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Found out I had some bed bugs a couple of days ago. I was given a couple of days to prepare...vacuum, drier treatment of clothes, move furniture away from walls, etc. 1st Pest Control appointment was yesterday, 2nd will come in two weeks time. So far so good, but I still can't sleep because of this. Should the Landlord Agency be spraying neighbouring suites and hallways? I've seen the PCO Van outside my apartment way too often these past two months alone and now I'm getting paranoid. I don't ask

for much and I really do hope that they can go above and beyond for the sake of the rest of the tenants. Otherwise they mind as well set up a PCO office in the building.

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my husband and i lived in one of the units Anyways it was the top floor. I was pregnant when we moves in back in 2009. My son was born 2010 Anyways it was a couple months after that i was laying in bed with my son and seen a bedbug crawl across the bed. We notified the caretaker and nothing was done. We called the tendancy office. Two weeks later they finally got someone in to clean my suite.there was lots of bugs yet we were told it was a minor infestation. Anyways We moved out a few days lat

er because we could not risk a reinfestation and making my son sicker than he already was. The caretaker at the time was fired and a new one assigned from what i heard. This place should be condrmned as its been years and obviously the problem hasnt been eradicated. We threw out all of our furniture cause it was all ruined.

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My son moved into this building, August 2011. He did'nt spend much time there, so he really did not notice anything. Then recently his wife found a bedbug in the bathtub,which caused alot of worry and stress.. Then she realized that the bites on their son was from the bugs....They are in complete distraugt over this.. This is a serious problem we have here, and the people need to do something.. Writing a message here is not going to do anything or eliminate the prob

lem...I am going to do research and find a way to let the public know of the condition of these buildings before they move in... THE CITY SHOULD CONDEM THESE BUILDINGS....THE PROBLEM WILL NEVER GO AWAY...

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On May 01,2011, my wife moved into unit 14 of this building, immediately the presence of bedbugs were evident. The following day I called the property manager to complain about the bedbugs. He pretending he wasn't the person responsible for that particular building advised me to call the following day and asked to speak to the property manager for that building. To make a long story short, it turend out he was the property manager for the building in question but was just trying to avoid me I t

hink. My wife moved out on May 03 because the unit is stil infected after they sprayed. We believe from their actions, the management company knew of the bedbugs infestation. We just cannot figure out what they were thinking by renting the apartment out. Perhaps they thought in some strange way my wife may be immune from the bugs and they wont bother her. If so , they were wrong. We also believe they owe her a portion of the rent andher security deposit. its one thing to have lived there for a few months and then the bugs appeared, but something entirely different when the first time you moved in, you are feast upon by masses amount of bed bugs. We believe they knew the bugs were there prior.

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