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I found a bug crawling on my shoe on Christmas 2012, (nice Christmas present). I called the property management company, never called me back. I had to call them back, as I was slightly freaked out.

I got "sprayed" approximately a week later. And I apparently didn't have any evidence whatsoever ( I got the feeling that they didn't really spray my apartment the way they should have because of this)... However, within a week after I was sprayed, I started finding more. And they were coming out

of walls in places that didn't make any sense. And it remained a total mystery.... No one understood or could figure out where they were coming from.

I was resprayed, about 2 weeks later, and was able to catch the exterminator, he sprayed excessively in the places I had found them, and I haven't seen any since (knock on wood), ( A few days later I was also told that one other apt seemed to have a pretty bad infestation, and had been sprayed but was only noticed by chance). The hallway and I believe stairwell have been sprayed as was that persons apt.

I just hope that person vacuums like they are supposed to, (they are new to the building- since September). I can't handle this again.

They should be inspecting all apt's when someone reports bugs... Especially if someone who "doesn't have an infestation" has them. Even if they think they have found the source. As a preventative measure.

Work with your landlord, and follow the instructions.

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Follow-up to the previous report. It has been approx four months since last spraying, which seems to have worked. I believe the landlord had other suites in the buildings swept as well. A note to tenants in any apartment: if you notice bedbug activity or bites, you must act immediately. Contact your landlord immediately (a good landlord wants to solve the problem too). But you must do your part as well--buy mattress covers; buy bedpost moats (about $30), vacuum and launder frequently, do not bri

ng in used furniture, and if your apartment is tagged for spraying--even if it's just a precaution--cooperate with the landlord and follow the exterminator's rules. They can travel from suite to suite, and can happen in any apartment. Be proactive and work with your landlord.

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Have found numerous bedbugs in my suite since moving in in September, despite frequent and thorough vacuuming and laundering. Have found no source of the bugs, skins or fecal stains, which makes me suspect there is an infestation in another suite. Landlord has been good about scheduling spraying, but so far it has not stopped the issue (just found another one today, three days after being sprayed).

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