425 Elgin Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3A

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That has to be the most discusting place to live for a senior citizen. When a person goes to rent the place, is shown a suite, with new cupboards etc.& yet when they get ready to move in and have given their notice at another place, they give a person a run down place, not even fit for the bed bugs. 425 Elgin has had bed bugs since the 1970's & they hadn't done the thing till 2009, thats close to 40 years without doing a thing. Then they did heat treatment twice and spray numerous times, and aft

er they sprayed the person never found a dead bedbug, where they actually using proper chemical or water. The person had to leave the place as it was extremly stressful on the perso living their.

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I have a friend who lives in this building and for the last year they spray at least every 3 weeks and did a major heat spraying just before Christmas and promised him that they wouldn't have to do any more spraying until at least June of 2010 but yet they ended up spraying at the end of january and again on March 2nd, 2010. This is a Manitoba housing building but the fact that the infestation is this bad is absolutely disgusting - the tenants having to pay for the spraying approximately every

3 weeks is ridiculous - more of these people are on welfare and get MAYBE $120.00 every 2 weeks yet the superintendent comes to them a week before and DEMANDS that they pay the deposit at that moment otherwise they will end up being fined $93.00 for non-compliance - its not that they do not wish to comply its that they DON'T have the money!!

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