301 Church Ave
Winnipeg, MB R2W

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Moved in on October 1, 2012. Owner, property manager, caretaker DID NOT inform us that there is a bed bug problem in the suite or the building as they are obligated to do by law.
Started having alleric reactions to the bed bugs immediately. Now have been bitten 50+ times.
Fellow tenants loudly complaining that promises made to fumigate are not fulfilled and that the owners have been saying that they will rectify the problem for months.
December 20th, 2012 owner/property manager provided two

types of spray killer which was followed by a major allergic reaction to the spray. December 28, 2012, after pleading with all owners, property managers, caretaker, to resolve this by compensating us for our loss, our physical, mental and psychological health, we were told that there will be no compensation.
The caretaker did admit and confirm to me that the bed bugs are "everywhere" throughout the building. Today, December 28, 2012 I have contacted the Health Department and ordered a complete inspection of the building. Owner/property manager informed us that we are free to leave, but will not be compensating us in any way.
Property Management is Astroid Management 204 338 4671
Owner is Nester ?? 204 771 0836

This is what happens to 50 year old decent hard working people in Winnipeg. You lose everything because of one slumlord :(

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