55 Park Dr
Boston, MA 02215-5228

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Had a huge bed bug problem since we moved in (not to mention our apartment was ridiculously dirty to begin with). Management had an exterminator come in to do three sprayings, and even after this we're still finding more and more bed bugs. I dont know much about the nicer units in the building, but this place definitely has a history of bed bugs and the maintenence clearly doesnt care enough to do a good job getting rid of them

I had a horrific bedbug infestation last year in this apartment building. Star Realty charged me for exterminations because they insisted "i brought the bedbugs into the apartment". Judging by the upkeep and general cleanliness of the building, I don't think that claim was necessarily fair.

Three-Four apartments in this building have been afflicted with bed bugs. I personally have been COVERED in bites for the last two months. The management company is only NOW starting to take care of it. Thanks a MILLION Star Realty for lying to all of your tenants and telling us that we had a clean building.

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