75 Saint Alphonsus St
Boston, MA 02120-1618

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Stay away from this building. It is completely infested with no hopes of getting better.

Things have improved finally with the new management taking over. I take back my statements which i posted earlier.We had a lot of regular visits from exterminators and finally have got rid of this infestation, esp. the 5th floor. All expenses were covered by management itself.I liked the professional handling of this situation by them.

I only lived here for a few months, but we had to have the building send in an exterminator once last October & again last week. I moved this past weekend, & everyone had to throw away all of their belongings, including furniture (beds, dressers, desks,) just in case...I mean, the first time obviously didn't work when they came to exterminate. I've heard from others that live in the building that it's just infested. Has been w/i the past year.

75 Saint Alphonsus Street apartment is completely infested with Bed bugs.
Especially the 5th floor which houses lot of students. You can see bed bugs even in lift at times.
I have moved into one of the apartments in 5th floor have tried all the sprays in market, but no use. On informing the neighbours the response was shocking they said 'Its very normal here, you cant escape it'. On speaking to management, they said they have done their best and complete extermination would b

e vacating entire residents doing a full scale cleanup, which is impossible.
I am now in search of a new house which is free of bugs.

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Apt 401 - on 10/9 (Sat) I noticed bed bugs on my mattress. I called an exterminator who came out the next day (Sun) and confirmed they were bed bugs. He gave us instructions on what to do before he could come back and treat, which was on 10/15. I notified the management company the day the exterminator came (I suppose I should have notified them that Saturday but I knew they wouldn't have gotten anyone out quickly. My exterminator treated (for $900 - my cost) and came back for a follow up.

I tried to get the management company to reimburse me - even just for their normal cost, but they refused. On 12/4 the bed bugs were back (I went down to security in the building to tell them and was told I would have to come back on Monday) I called the exterminator I paid who answered my call and told me he would be here on Monday (at no cost) I did send an email to the apartment manager on Sunday, and I called the apartment manager on Monday and told him that the exterminator was coming and that the exterminator had said that there were bedbugs in the apartment next door and I asked the apartment manager to have his exterminator check and treat - to which he told me that they hadn't complained about bugs, to which I replied "just because they haven't complained doesn't mean they don't have a problem" I am not entirely sure that the apartment manager will follow up and look at the rest of the floor to help or not, but I will be sending up follow up emails.

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My roommates and I lived on the 17th floor of Back Bay Manor and got bed bugs around June of 2010. We told management and they put our paperwork onto a STACK of other apartments waiting to be exterminated. The exterminator came and we had to wash/dry EVERYTHING - bedding, clothing, pillows, rugs, towels, sofa cushions/pillows. It was such a hassle and they did not even refund us for laundry. Come to find out our lovely neighbors lived in a one bedroom but had 8 people living there. Needless to s

ay, they brought in the bugs and had way too many people living there (not legal) and Back Bay Manor did not evict them. So the bugs kept coming back until we moved out in August 2010. Hopefully the next residents got a notification and hasn't had any problems. The whole situation was a nightmare.

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