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I am a bit of a night owl, and was sitting in bed surfing the web at 2am, back in October. I suddenly felt something crawling across my stomach, and MUCH TO MY DISMAY, I saw a little bug, and smacked it, which resulted in a small burst of blood (a droplet) smeared on my hand and bedsheet. I'd only seen pictures of bed bugs previously, but this looked like it. Countless websites full of pictures later, and a close examination, confirmed to me that it was indeed a dreaded bed bug-- probably 3rd or

4th instar nymph. I searched my bed and the surrounding areas, including with a flashlight in the middle of the night, but found no others. I have absolutely no idea where it came from-- we have not brought in any used furniture, stayed at hotels, etc. Thinking that perhaps it was just a single one that hitched a ride on someone's clothing, my roommates and I decided to wait and see if any others turned up.

Fast-forward to the beginning of December. Once again up late at night, I am on my way to the bathroom and discover an adult bed bug clinging to my sock, in what looked like an attempt to bite me through it. That freaked me out, so I reported it to the landlord the next day, and a pest control person came a week later.

In the process of prepping the apartment for extermination, I found one more bed bug-- an adult, dead, in my laundry pile. Note: I again searched the baseboards, mattress, etc around my bed, but could find no trace of others.

I am unable to recall the exact pesticides the PCO used. They began by spraying a liquid mist along all baseboards, wall corners, shelves, etc. that I think it contained a mixture of exciteR and one or two other chemicals. Then they fogged the apartment with Pyrocide (of that I am sure). They were supposed to return 3-4 weeks later, but canceled and rescheduled for two weeks later than that (aka 5 weeks after initial treatment)-- which was to be today. They stood us up AGAIN, and "don't know" what day they can reschedule for. My landlord initially paid for two treatments upfront, yet the PCO has not followed through on the second treatment. I have not noticed any bed bugs, but I don't trust that they have been obliterated.

Anyway, that is the story in a nutshell from Day 1 until now.

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