103 Gainsborough St
Boston, MA 02115-4249

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September 13,2010

Two weeks ago we noticed random bites that itched like crazy. My boyfriends were swollen and red and mine were little red dots so at first we thought we were both having allergic reactions. Then we found two dead bed bugs on our sheets. The building management was very dismissive of it at first and claimed that they hand't had any other complaints in the building and that 99% of bed bug complaints are false. Well ours wasnt and we had to argue our side to get an inspecti

on. They didnt find anything on their own but we gave them the bug to take for testing. EVERYBODY- building management, landlord and exterminators- all tried to dismiss us but thank god we had the bug as proof. We scheduled an extermination (the first of three mandatory) and the landlord has to pay. TIP: be persistent!! the bites suck and the landlord has to pay for it so they are going to try to tell you its nothing

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