54 Westland Ave
Boston, MA 02115-3968

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I lived in this building during past summer 2010. I didn´t know about bed bugs so at the beginning I thought my bits came from mosquitoes. Soon I understood the problem and tried to solve by myself (I was subletting and my tenant did not care about). I spend a week end cleaning and packing in plastic bags almost everything (including of course mattress, and sprayed about 10 bottles of Raid (red). I keep spraying periodically entire bottles of Raid (about one a week) and so I could stay for the

summer. I don´t anyone suffer as I did in this apartment (including non-sleeping night in such a hot summer lying on a plasticized mattress), so be aware if you are going to rent an apartment in this building.

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I sublet an apartment in this building in June 2009, but had to move out after only a week due to a bed bug problem. The girl I was subletting from mentioned that there was a bed bug problem in the past, but said that the apartment had been sprayed and it shouldn't be a problem. She failed to mention that she hadn't been living there for the past few months, so there was no way she could have known if the bed bugs were still present or not. Turns out they were!

I use to live in 54 Westland Ave. In June 2009, I started getting bites. I then realized that we had bedbugs. My roommate and I later found out that the people above us brought in the bedbugs in May of 2009. But the landlord did not tell us. So when they fumigated the apartment above us and next door to us, all of the bed bugs came down to our apt. They fumigated about 4 times total between July 2009 and August 2009. After the second fumigation, I did not get any more bites. I was sleeping on a

air mattress by that time, though. We moved out, thankfully.

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