130 Bowdoin St
Boston, MA 02108-2702

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My girlfriend and I had bedbugs a few months ago and management was great scheduling treatments and keeping us informed of what we needed to do to make the treatments most effective. Yesterday, management brought a bed bug sniffing dog in to our unit. I'm happy to report that our unit was cleared by the dog and we're officially out of the woods. The building manager was there with the technician who had the dog and she told me that every apartment being checked was being cleared. So whatever bui

lding management is doing, they're doing it right! We're still going to be careful, but couldn't ask for a better outcome.

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Yes, bed bugs have been found and treated for in this building (including in my unit, and I am a very "clean" person!). However this is a problem in virtually every multi-unit building (high-end hotels included) is currently dealing with. What matters is how Management responds, and honestly, the BostonView Management/Board has been extraordinary, even going so far as to hold a community education session. They are responsive to ongoing concerns. I personally advocate for all apartments and

hotels to have regular dog inspections of all units (which I believe this building is contemplating).

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Bed bugs have been in the building since October 2010. They have been treating apartments one by one and nobody was notified when the first infestation occured. My neighbor had them and I was not informed. I complained because I had them and let them know and they let us know they had had them for over 7 months.

Yes, there are incidents of bed bugs in this building, but it's not "infested" or anything. I had them - unfortunately I picked them up on vacation back in July. I felt horrible telling management but they could not have been more supportive. They did everything they could to help me - and went above and beyond what I've heard other building management companies are doing. After a few rounds of treatments, a bug-sniffing dog determined my apartment to be bug-free and I haven't had a problem sinc

e. Now I'm really careful when I'm out in the city or travelling because I don't want to bring them back with me again!!

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Multiple apartments throughout building are affected. Management has been very cooperative and proactive in helping to battle this problem, but it has been ongoing for several months. Hoping they can get it under control soon.

May 2010 Huge infestation on 3rd floor, at least 4 apartments affected including mine

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