Parkland Pl
Florence, KY 41042

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I lived there from Oct 2007 til Sept 2008 I was moved into a apt that at the time did not have bed bugs but it kept flooding and I had people comming to my door to sign a petition for them.

Because of the apt I was in kept flooding they moved me to an apt down the hall and when they did I made her sign her a paper stating that if I get bed bugs they have to treat and she agreed. About a week after I moved in my kids were crying that something was crawling on them.

I called the office and

she sent the bug man over and he said he didnt see any bugs. The next night when my kids were crying again I put them in a baggie and dropped them on her desk saying now tell me I dont have them.

She treated my apt immediately and i moved out a week later and left almost everything.

My Grandma lived there for over 40 years and she ended up getting them and they told her that she shouldnt have her family over cuz they brought them there. My Grandma spent over 1000 dollars being treated and they still could not get rid of them. it was so bad she finaly had to find a new place to live after living in the same pl for 40 years.

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We moved there in 2006-2007 and about a week later we started to get eaten up by bedbugs. We told the Landlord and she insisted that we brought them there, and from where were from we have never heard of bedbugs in our life! Come to find out everyone else had been reporting them too and they got the same thing we got "you brought them here"! This one girl was allergic to them(bedbugs) and she looked horrible she also got told "you brought them here".. About a week or 2 before we moved she was fi

ling a lawsuit! We don't know what happened because she never contacted us back! BUT DON'T MOVE HERE! We had to throw everything we had away except for clothes! We moved with nothing but clothes and dishes. We had to start over from SCRATCH.

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