40 Cavalier Blvd
Florence, KY 41042-1645

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We needed a place to stay after we sold our home,we only were staying here for a little shy of a month. I reserved a room but when I got there to pay my room was given away and they put us in another one.We were there only a wk when I started to see red welps on my face,then day after day more in different places. The person sharing the room did not get any. I was courious so I researched it and found that it might be bed bugs.We checked the beds,purchased bug spray,and kept everything off floor

and washed all our pillow cases and bed spread.Again more red welps,so I ran over to the bed and pulled covers down and there was a skeleton of a bug,a bed bug! I began to freak out,itching,scratching,crying,the thought of a bug crawling on me and sucking my blood when I slept. I couldnt take it! I immediately contacted the manager,I told him what I saw and he knew that the hotel had bed bugs.No Surprise! I became more enraged,he came up to room removed head board and there it was,an apple seed size bed bug!! I ran out of room,crying,itching all over,he appologized gave back my money and then some quarters to put my things in dryer to kill them. I did not feel this was enough! Other people who stay there began to tell stories of the infestation and they all knew of it. Some were moved to other rooms,saw mattresses removed,and I saw bites on one man. I want everyone to know that this is the same room I saw on this web site,this registry,Room 419! Someone had already posted one on this registry and if I had known and done my homework I would have peace of mind now,but I feel icky all over! We left immediately leaving some expensive things behind,I couldnt and didnt want to take them with me. 10/12/10 just a little over a month that the other person posted it,and the same room!

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I stayed one week at this hotel as I looked for an apartment on the night I moved out I noticed red bumps all over the place and knew they were bed bug bites. The place has a funny smell to it and they onle clean twice a week. I stayed in room 419 so although it was convienent in my time of need the result was not. $375 for an infestation is not worth it.

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