1620 Thirlstane Ct
Lexington, KY 40505-2744

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"I thought that Lexington residents would like to know that, Lexington rental properties has been and is still renting out homes that have been infested with bed bugs. A tenant that used to live at 1620 Thirlstane ct, moved in a year ago and had to rush to the emergency room. They were being bit by the bed bugs so bad, that they were getting rashes and sores. The housing refused to pay to replace her beds that she had to throw away. They sprayed the house once. By December, there were bed b

ugs again. she had to replace her beds once again. With no avail, they moved. Now the house is up for rent again. They are not informing people of the bed bug problems the house has. Nor have they sent anyone into the home to spray or fumigate for the Bed Bugs. I think it's time for residents to know the truth and take a stand. I also would like to see WKYT investigate more on this issue and report about it."

Posted by Terra at Mar 27th 2010 12:59 AM

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