1204 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY 40204-1304

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I had moved in July and everything seemed fine then less than a month after being here I was starting to get bites on my arm when I was asleep. I was mistakenly under the impression that I was being bit by the roaches that were in the apartment that I had asked the leasing agent to have taken care of before my estimated date. In which I was told that they were changing companies that did the exterminations and that they would have them taken care of. After months of spending my own money because

the treatment that they were doing was not getting rid of the roaches I was informed by a Extermination tech that the treatments were for bed bugs. Complete chock to me, as I was never informed that there was a bed bug issue in the building, I was informed that the exterminators were coming to see how infested the apartments were and that they needed entry. I unwillingly came to see that my bed and box spring were infested on the 7th of November and placed an order to have the bed bugs taken care of. This took another eleven days to complete. At that time I had not been staying in my apartment because the thought that there had been something that was crawling on my and biting me, possibly in me hair and my clothes freaked me out beyond belief. I was staying with a friend and when I returned to my apartment after the spraying took place I had been gone a total of eleven days and sleeping in the middle of my room because a bed bug crawled across my foot on its merry way after being told that the issue was handled. I then spent two days away from my apartment and then returned home. I recently on the 27th awoke after calming myself down and putting my bed back where it was assumed that because I hadn’t seen a bed bug that they were indeed gone. However when I awoke the next morning I discovered the same star chart pattern on my breast that I had on my arm. The fact is that the bed bugs are still there and that they have no intention of going anywhere. I now have no mattress or box spring to sleep on. I refuse to stay in a place that I don’t feel safe. I feel like they are all over me every time the statics is in my clothing or a scalp tingling that makes me scratch and it doesn’t help that I now have fresh bite-marks on my person …….Like mentioned before don’t rent here or at least ask the leasing agent if there have been any reports for these critters

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This place started getting them in the summer of 2010. My apartment had them, but I'm almost sure they were coming from someone else's apartment. When it started I would see 1 or 2....kill them and then not see any for weeks/months. (At the time I didn't realize what they were). After a few rounds of exterminators, throwing a bunch of stuff away, and practically sleeping in the bathtub in order to try and avoid them.

Every few weeks they would show back up....and I suppose in this case y

ou would need to see what kind of people live in that building.

Even when the bed, furniture, clothes were tossed, and eventually with me not being there for weeks at a time because of the paranoia....I would pop in mid-day and see 1 or 2 on or walking on the wall!

Be warned before renting from here.

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