125 W Marion St
South Bend, IN 46601-1030

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I had an infestation in my apartment in late 2014. Four exterminator visits seemed to do the trick, but I'm still keeping my eyes open because I know they don't go away easily.

A few months after my infestation, I was doing my laundry and saw a couple running five dryers at once and filling up white garbage bags with freshly-dried clothes. I asked if it was bedbugs and they said yes. The woman said the infestation even spread to the inside of her laptop. She said it was severe and had been go

ing on for weeks. She was on her way out, to live temporarily with her boyfriend in Michigan.

I don't think the landlords have enough liquid capital to hire a pest control company to do the full-scale extermination that's required for this apartment complex. They seem to be hiring Termishield to spray one unit at a time. That's not going to get rid of the problem, because bed bugs can easily move from one unit to another. I regret signing that lease. Don't rent here.

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Getting at least 5 bites a week here. Didn't know it was bedbugs until I caught one red-handed.

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