110 W Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46204-3403

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Embassy Suites Room 1715. Found bed bugs on 5-3-2012 and reported it to the front desk. They applogized and awarded me 35,000 Hilton Honors points

I stayed at the embassy suites downtown from February 3rd though the 5th, 2012. I was visiting for the Superbowl and while my overall experience with Indianapolis was great my experience with this hotel was not. I awoke from my first night of sleep on the 4th and realized me and my husband had what appeared to be red welts on our arms and around our ankles. These welts, which I now know were bites, were very itchy. I figured maybe the hotel used a different detergent and we were allergic to

it since the main sites affected were not covered by our pajamas. The evening of the 4th after a long day we came back to our hotel room. When we turned down the sheets we saw what appeared to be small red spots on the sheets and upon further inspection actually found 2 full size bugs. This is when I freaked out. I had no idea what they were and immediately called the front desk. They just kinda blew me off and said they were sure everything was fine. I on the other had was sure everything was not fine. I searched the internet for bugs commonly found in hotels and low and behold there was a large picture clear as day of the bug I had found. It was a Bed Bug. I called the front desk again and they said they would send someone up to check it out. No one ever came so about an hour later I went down to the front desk and spoke with the manager. He was very rude and told me their hotel did not have bed bugs. When I showed him the couple I had found and had in a cup he still denied it and said that even if they wanted to switch us rooms they couldn't as they were completely booked. He continued to deny that what I had found was in fact bed bugs and that me and my husband had not been bitten by bed bugs at all especially not in his hotel. He was very rude and acted as if we were just blatantly lying even though it was very obvious he was just trying to protect himself. Since he wouldn't even admit the room had bed bugs he also refused to have any of our things cleaned. Needless to say this hotel obviously does not take bed bugs seriously and I will not be going back here again. We packed up our stuff (which we ended up throwing away) and slept in the car. I Wish I would have found this website before I choose to stay at the embassy suites downtown.

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This is the address for the Embassy Suites downtown. I stayed at this hotel from September 30, 2011 til October 2, 2011 and will never go back. After the first night I awoke very itchy with what appeared to be bug bits all over me but having never incountered bed bugs before I wasn't sure what was going on. The second night when laying down I discovered 2 bugs crawling in between the sheets. I immediatly informed the front desk staff and they said they would send someone up to check it out.

I googled bugs in hotels on my phone and was horrified to find that I and my family had been bitten rrepeatedly by bed bugs. At this time we packed up all of our stuff and I demanded to be moved rooms. The staff was very casual about the whole situation and seemed not to find it alarming at all. They said they would move us rooms but that was all they could do and I noticed they did not move the people in the rooms ajacted to us or even offer to have our clothes and luggage cleaned. It wasn't until I came home and was able to do some research that I realized how wrong this really was. This hotel is not taking this problem seriously at all

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Stayed at Embassy Suites Downtown Indianapolis, April 11-13, 2011.

Woke after the first night with at least 13 fresh bites, mainly on my arms, legs, and torso; including three bites in a close row on my torso. Reported to manager, who notified assistant manager, who took a look at the room and beds with a flashlight. Reported that he did not see any signs of bugs. Managers offered to move my colleague with whom I was sharing the room, and me. My colleague was moved to the room next door,

and I was given a room two doors down.

This response from management was disappointing, and actually risked spreading the problem to other rooms! Our belongings should have been immediately cleaned at hotel expense, and room adjacent to the infested room should have also been treated. I had to bag all of my clothes and replace my suitcase. Being treated with such skepticism by managers, and such an inadequate response to a likely infestation was very disappointing, and indicates that the hotel management does not take the problem seriously.

When I returned home, my doctor confirmed that bed bugs were the most likely culprits, esp. as indicated by the large number of bites and the characteristic bites in a row.

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