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i live in this building and have recently discovered what the exterminator called a light infestation. i'm concerned about the building but also realize you could have this problem anywhere given the nature of the pest. i know of one other infestation here that they'll admit to. at this point it's kind of a nightmare. management is not really helpful except for calling the exterminator. they won't help you with anything that deviates the slightest from their job description or what the

head honcho dictates. of more concern to prospective tenants should be that we're on our 5th manager since i've been here less than a year- that should give a clue about higher management here.

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I had a bed bug problem with this complex in March of 2009, but haven't seen a single bug in the building since then. The bottom line is that management won't want to spread the news about he bugs for obvious reasons, but they WILL be helpful to anyone reporting a bed bug issue. As helpful as they can be, that is.

The problem is, bed bugs are fought in the home by the residents, not by exterminators (even if you catch the infestation really early on). Exterminators do very little to stop bed

bugs, the reemergence of bed bugs in the US is linked to our many pesticide bans, and modern day exterminators are limited by the same restrictions.

To visualize how the exterminator is limiting your infestation, imagine someone spraying thick amounts of ether along the doorways in your apartment; could you still live there? of course, unless you tripped, sumbled, and smushed your face against the layer of ether before it dried - then you would pass out & possibly asphyxiate, but mostly it would be a mild inconvenience. This is how effective the average exterminator is when they spray. If you want to get rid of bed bugs, search online for at-home methods, see my comments below from 2 years ago, and don't be reluctant to replace your box spring/bed frame.

I used the same username back in 2009, scroll down for further advice if you have an infestation. With respect from "~S," do not listen to those comments, this person doesn't seem to know what they're talking about. Anyone can get bed bugs and they're actually MORE frequent in higher class hotels, mainly because the staff & management will never admit to the tenants or an exterminator that there is a problem until it runs rampant! Also, the idea that they can't cross the floor or travel between apartments is ridiculous. While they can't fly, they can climb any horizontal surface besides well oiled/powdered plastic. It took me nearly half a year to get rid of all of my bedbugs, (I had hundreds which had spread to our apartment from our neighbor) and anyone who rides the CTA or takes a taxi once in a while should be on constant alert for an infestation. They are not in other countries, they are here. Right here, right now. Not in third world countries, they're here.

If you're reading these entries and live in the building, don't stay up nights worrying that you might be attacked by each imaginary tickle you feel on your skin. If you're seriously concerned, do this once a week/month: get a large, flat book, not too heavy, like a where's waldo size book, something preferably hardback. Lay it down across the head of your bed, next to your pillow. Set an alarm for some time between 3-5 in the morning, and when it goes off, turn on a light & tilt the book to check under it. If you have bed bugs, at least one will have taken advantage of this sanctuary. If not, you have my guarantee that you don't have an infestation, and sleep easy for the week. Yes, bed bugs suck, but they don't carry diease and are just creepy by nature.

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just rented an apartment 6 months ago and then discovered this site talking about how the building was infested, i was very worried and had sleepless nights thinking about it all nite but am happy to say theres no bedbugs and i love living here and also love all the staffs cos they are all nice and friendly.

I just recently signed a lease with this building and only afterwards came across these disturbing articles and obviously I started worrying, I didn't have any problems but I was worried they would start entering my apartment. I was doing my laundry one night and started up a conversation with a current tenant as well and confided my worry of the bug situation with the building, and he actually told me that he was friends with a tenant who lived in the building up until this april who had lost

their job and wanted out of their lease. This tenant's friend supposedly talked to managment to try and escape their lease and found he couldn't and therefore starting conspiring about a bed bug like out of rage. This tenant told me all of the spiteful conversations he had had with the past tenant regarding that tenants anger towards the building. I have lived here for 3 months and love my apartment and have not ever even seen ants or any kind of bug. I just wanted to give the building it's due respect and honesty, with the information I was witnessed to.


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Contrary to all of these reports this building is infested and the management is handling it very poorly.

We discovered bed bugs had infested our apartment on the evening of 5/25/10, we notified the property manager on the morning of 5/26/10. Their "exterminator" aka building maintenance inspected and determined that the apartment did not have bed bugs. Not until I brought the building manager a live bug in a ziploc bag did she in fact determine that, yes there were bed bugs

in our apartment. The building manager then explained that their "exterminator" aka maintenance would be spraying our apartment 3 consecutive weeks to rid us our problem with a really expensive chemical. LIES!!! The chemical was sterifab, 60% alcohol and a contact killer only. It leaves no residual for new bugs to cross and die. The maintenance man sprayed our apartment with this super awesome disinfectant 2x. Our problem was getting worse and we were getting upset. We asked they property if there were other cases in the building, answer was no, LIED AGAIN. We discovered a discarded mattress on back dock, marked and wrapped for disposal due to bed bug infestation. Following this discovery the building finally hired a professional. Only time will tell if our problem has been eliminated in the meantime we continue to live in the most inconvenient circumstances out of xl ziploc bags and rubbermaid containers.

Management continues to lie to tenants, our neighbors were uninformed, yet we were told they were informed. When our neighbor inquired she was told there were no other cases, LIE LIE LIE. Management is making it worse for themselves by handling the problem unprofessionally and keeping it hush. Friends of ours own a pest control company in Northern Michigan, and bed bugs do in fact move from apartment to apartment and they are highly common in old, multi unit buildings. More about information about bed bugs and how they infest is available at bedbugger.com

Visit my review of WR Property at Yelp, search WR Property Management, Wilmette IL.

Don't live here the bed bug problem in this building has been poorly handled for the last 2 years.

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As a longtime current tenant of this building, I saw these reports and was quite disturbed, never having experienced bedbugs before.
I spoke to management, and they seem to have a handle on the situation. I was informed there were a few isolated cases, but they seem to be very proactive in treating and doing preventative treatments. If you look at the dates of these cases, it's clear the problem (if there was one) has been resolved.
I am very happy living here for many years and have never e

xperienced any issues with pests.

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Contrary to what another person has posted, bed bugs WILL spread through a building:

"Once bed bugs are introduced, they often spread throughout a building. The bugs can travel from room to room or floor to floor either by crawling or via a person."


I am moving into the building and am confident that my apartment will be clear of troubling insect problems. Bed bugs do not travel through walls or on the floor. They come in mattresses or clothing when people move in/ or are coming in from another country or hotel where there are bedbugs. After reading the below, if I plqn to go out of the country, I will want to make sure that I am staying at a reputable hotel or place that is clean. If I think that I am returning from a country or place

in the US or abroad that might have bedbugs or other insects - I'm going to make sure my clothes are cleaned or even thrown out before unpacking.

Be responsible for your actions and talk to management about extermination if you think that you brought them in. It's not shameful.

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I am moving into the building and am confident that my apartment will be clear of troubling insect problems. Bed bugs do not travel through walls or on the floor. They come in mattresses or clothing when people move in/ or are coming in from another country or hotel where there are bedbugs. After reading the below, if I plqn to go out of the country, I will want to make sure that I am staying at a reputable hotel or place that is clean. If I think that I am returning from a country or place

in the US or abroad that might have bedbugs or other insects - I'm going to make sure my clothes are cleaned or even thrown out before unpacking.

Be responsible for your actions and talk to management about extermination if you think that you brought them in. It's not shameful.

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I have a question - were all these incidents from early last year only? Has anyone had a problem with bedbugs in this building recently?

I ask, because I am looking to rent in the area and this building was on my list.

I discovered I had bedbugs because I was getting bitten at night. I did some research on the internet and realized I had bedbugs. I do travel frequently and I have a feeling they may have gotten into my luggage. I reported my problem to the office and they were very helpful and understanding. They set up for the exterminator to come and treat my apartment twice. Since then the problem seems to be resolved.
My suggestion to anyone who suspects they may have bedbugs to report to management right

away. I was told that if you get your home treated as soon as you discover these pests it is much easier to get rid of them.

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I had a similar experience in the early spring of 2009. The bugs are now gone, but it was a horrible experience. I am still sleeping with my bed in the middle of the room, and am going to have to move when my lease is up for my piece of mind. The bugs were coming from the walls to be sure. I also pride myself on a clean home, so am sure I did not invite these pests in. They live in the building.

I had a horrible bed bug infestation in my apartment during the earlier months of 2009.

I went to see a doctor because I would never dream in a million years that something so primevil seeming like bed bugs would have been the cause of the huge welts all over my face and body.

I told management and they had an exterminator come to the apartment.
The bugs continued to bite and stay in the apartment, when I asked them to invte the exterminator back (btw: in the preperation letter for the

exterminator it lists that it might take up to three sprays to make them go away). The management made a big to do about this. We needed the exterminator all three times until they finally went away.

Living with bed bugs is awful. You have to keep everything that's made of cloth in plastic bags after washing ALL of it, and my boyfriend and I were stuck sleeping on the couch for a good month and a half. It was uncomfortable, painful, embarressing and stressful. Like nothing I've ever experienced in my life.

This would all be bad enough if it weren't for the fact that Debbie in the office LIED to us about how "she's never heard of ANY bed bug problem EVER happening in this building", and made me feel filthy for having them. I was consistantly told that no one had ever had this problem in this building before. . . . clearly, this was QUITE the lie.

I can't wait to move out of this slum.

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Just another tip: move the bed from the wall, get a frame if you don't have one, get a mattress cover, pillow cover, wash sheets weekly, buy some climbup interceptor pads or tupperware containers filled with water for bed legs & make sure NOTHING bridges the gap between the floor or other furniture & your bed. Inspect your bed nightly, and contact management.

Management sent/paid for an exterminator & the partment was diligently sprayed. Management will not send the exterminator for the follow-up spray unless you ask directly, but otherwise is very helpful. Make sure the entire apartment is ready for spraying before the exterminator arrives. This event occurred in March, 2009, halfway up the southernmost tower.

I recently discovered bedbugs in my apartment halfway up the building. I left a message for management a couple days ago, and expect to hear back from them soon. I didn't realize I had a slight infestation until I caught a sample to compare to online photos, because the bites look and feel just like mosquito bites. I recommend cleaning sheets daily and getting some all-natural bug spray, it seems to be keeping the bugs at bay so far. I'm still going to speak to the manager about it, and I've bee

n told that should go well. I'll post a follow-up after I have this taken care of.

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I have lived at this location for some time and have never had a pest problem. However, recently I was getting bitten while sleeping and upon doing some research, discovered I had bed bugs. I purchased some "over the counter" pest control which helpped but did not get rid of the problem. I reported the issue to the the management office and they have been extreamly helpful! If you have an issue with insects (of any kind) in your apartment, don't waist time and money dealing with it on your own.

The management has a comprehensive plan that seems to get the job done.

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discovered bedbug infestation a couple weeks ago. had to throw out all the furniture, did some major cleaning. haven't seen too many bugs since but we are moving, were planning on moving before the problem, am really glad we are moving now!

To anyone who lives at this location Management is there to solve problems and if you go to the Manager she will assist you. BUT you need to report this and not try to take care of this on your own-it will only get worse. We have a comprehensive plan at the building that has been successful but you need to report it and participate in the solution. These bugs do not originate in the USA, they come to the building usually because people travel over seas and they get into the clothing or the items

brought back from other countries. We do not have a huge problem at this location. When a resident reports the problem we take immediate action and resolve it. This is personal tenant info that does not require disclosure.

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Wasn't sure what the problem was until about one month ago. waking up with itches and bumps. Didn't even consider that the source was bedbugs. Trying to deal with it myself. Had to toss mattress and now in the process of spraying, cleaning, etc. Not sure if this will work, but not ready to move just yet. If anyone has any tips, PLEASE let me know.

At least 3 cases of bed bugs since August 2008. Possibly more because the management refuses to say how many apts have them. Found out about the other 2 by accident.

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