5730 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60660-4772

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This building is disgusting! there are roaches in the hallways and bedbugs in every single apartment crawling in and out of the doors. Rosa does nothing about this,she brings exterminators in once a year,and it does not help. She thinks her solution is better which would be regular spray for roaches. We have switched out couches about 3 times. She obviously does not care because it's not coming out of her pocket. This building is infested and she does not play fair. She doesn't fix anything in t

he apartments,if something breaks it's on you. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole building filed a case against her.

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In Chicago, bedbugs are everywhere. Just because people found them in their apartment doesn't mean it is a building problem.

I lived on the third floor of this apartment for a year (2011-2012), and during that time I did discover a bedbug infestation. Roza was very helpful, and within 2 days, a pest control guy was onsite. He steam treated (very important since chemicals DON'T kill eggs) all the furniture, and anything else that may have had bugs. Then he laid down a protective chemical spra

y around the room. Two weeks later, he returned for a follow up treatment. I haven't had a problem since. The problem was dealt with quickly and easily.

Many people who complain about a recurrent problem haven't taken the proper steps. An exterminator is NOT sufficient to solve the problem. Everything must be cleaned, all clothes put in a dryer on high heat, and bedbug covers placed on any mattresses and box springs. An important note: throwing a mattress away just wastes money. If the problem isn't solved in the first go, the bedbugs will just re-infest any new mattress that you get.

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STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING! We lived on the fourth floor for a year. I had seen a bed bug crawling in the lobby around 10/11, and after about 3 months, found one crawling in our living room. Within weeks we found blood spots on the bed, and I had bites on my arms, hands, and face. We had to insist on a professional to come in. The landlady, Roza Popovic of T&R Management, insisted the janitor's chemicals were "better." After 3 months and at least 4 visits from a pest company, we still had prob

lems. There was some rest between 04/11-07/11 mostly because we took the bed apart and treated/steamed/checked every space we could. We had moved into the apartment with an encased mattress and box spring, and even asked if the building was pest-free after we heard about Chicago's issues with bed bugs. We could only find bugs living in our bed frame but from time to time would see a hungry adult bug crawling around the living room- the last PCO guessed we were getting re-infested! The landlady will treat but uses the janitor to do it! She will call a pest company but not before you insist and quote your tenant's rights. She complained about money and did not seem to have sympathy for us. When questioned, the landlady admitted to a problem on EVERY SINGLE FLOOR (even the janitor's unit!), including the units above and below us but she NEVER informed us. She refused to inspect adjacent units and told us we were the only ones with a problem. We found out she tells that lie to other tenants as well. Unprofessional, illegal, inhumane. There's also roaches and we were visited by a mouse as well. This experience has changed me and I can't wait to forget about Roza, her lies, and her terrible property.

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This location definitely has bedbugs. Lived there in 2009 and the infestation was so bad at 3:00 AM you could go floor to floor and watch bedbugs crawl down peoples front doors. Whoever posted that this location doesn't have bedbugs is lying. I lost everything I owned and had to move because their 'exterminations' were ineffective. Plus they wouldn't come spray until I had actually caught a bedbug to prove to them that they were there, even though I found out that they knew they'd had bedbug pro

blems for a long time. Managment (IBF) is extremely cheap, unprofessional, uncaring, and completely not understanding of what it is like to have to sleep in fear.

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I live at 1616 W Farwell in Rogers Park, and my girlfriend and I have bed bugs. At first the landlord accused the people downstairs og bringing them in, but now she is accusing us because we want to break our lease. When we notified them a weak ago, they sent out a maintence man with a can of spray. That is not work. So I told the landlord, and she sent out professionals. There is a strict procedure for exterminatig bed bugs and no one is following it. My funiture wasn't isolated, we weren't giv

e directions or notfied of any follow-up vists. The problem is speading in Chicago because landlords and tenant are uninformed. I just want to warn anyone that lived in the Farwell building next to the alley, so you may avoid what I no longer can.

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5730 N. Sheridan
This building is clean and free of bedbugs, There are routinely scheduled exterminations by a reputable extermination company which treats anything they find. It is very difficult to avoid pest problems when there are 84 apartments, with many many tenants living here, however we deal with what comes up and always keep the building very clean including stairwells and even mopping the garbage chutes to avoid pest problems, however we can only deal with what others have brought i

n after we have found out they have brought them in... We certainly don't bring pests in ourselves, however we do treat the building for any pests brought in. Once again, this building is free and clear of bed bugs, however, we continue to exterminate regardless of whether bugs are present or not

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My wife and I lived at this address for almost two years, in room 418. Around late August of 2008, we began getting small bites. We thought they were mosquitos or fleas. However, the bites spread, and our doctor told us about bed bugs. We told the landlord and the onsite man, and after a week, they brought out their exterminators: they sprayed and set off a bomb in our bedroom which, according to the can, was for roaches. The problem continued, and my wife and I started sleeping on our sectional

sofa. In December, on the fourth visit from the exterminators (and the bedbugs had spread to the sofa) they found bedbugs in the bedframe. The landlord offered to let me move to another room, one floor down, so they could remove the carpet and do more heavy-duty spraying, and then I COULD MOVE BACK TO MY OLD APARTMENT. I thought this was silly: pack everything to move downstairs for a few weeks, and then move back? I asked if we could break lease two months early because of the problem. She agreed. My wife and I found a new place, moved out, and when I went back to turn in my keys, the landlord just sneered and said she'd never agreed to let me leave and it was obvious to her that I had brought the bedbugs into the building. She kept my deposit, and we lost a Ralph Lauren bed and matching Ralph Lauren sectional sofa: $4000 dollars of wedding gifts from my family. If I had know about this site then, I might have been more willing to pursue legal action against her.

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Have had bedbugs for the past several months. Didn't realize what the problem was at first, until I decided to flip our mattress over tonight. Low and behold, bedbugs of all sorts. I agree with Jeff, there are mattresses in our parking lot constantly. I never connected the two.

This is so creepy.

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