5746 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60660-4736

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I currently stay at 5746 and yes there are bed bugs. And I talked to the landlord and he keep saying he checked the building and I'm lying really I showed you pictures!

I moved in to this building on May 3, 2014. The first night I was there I was bitten by beg bugs really bad, the second night was even worse. I reported it to the manager who took little action. I asked him if the building had a bed bug problem or has anyone else complained about bed bugs except for me, he said no. He lied! Later that month I found out that several tenats had or have bed bugs problems. He also tried to say that maybe I brought the bed bugs from the moving truck. After sending hi

m an offical notice he finally took action and hired an exterminator. I was bitten off and on for about 3 months before things got better. Recently I have started to see the bed bugs again so I plan on moving.

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I used to live at this address a couple years ago and had to move out due to bed bugs. there were a lot of them. the building management was trying to get rid of them but they failed for the long time so i had to move.

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