5746 N Winthrop Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-4304

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I currently live in #303, and am very terrified that when I move out this weekend, I will bring these bugs with me.

This apartment has been treated several times, and they still have come back. The management was nice to have the place treated so many times and they did reimburse for dry cleaning. But when I was home once and the exterminator came by, I had the feeling he was not going to be very thorough in treating the room. He claimed that he would spray and treat the living room as well,

but when I returned, there was no sign that he had.

The infestation is not terribly severe, since I am getting only 2-4 bites a night, but it will continue to grow if the building does not do a mass treating of all of it's apartments.

Good luck to the next tenant.

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