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To Tony: I knocked on what I thought was your door but it is not your apt. I wanted to talk about what you are going through and what has been done. Come and leave a note with contact info on G3.


This is a CDC article so it is legit.

I have never known anyone that had bedbugs so i had no idea what was happening. My daughter started getting red bumps so i had to take her to the doctor. The doctor immediately told me that all those red marks were bedbug bites. I feel really awful for bringing her into this environment because she has these bits all over her. Bedbugs are mostly thought to be harmless, other than the constant multiple itchy bites. However, researchers are now finding that they actually carry dangerous drug resis

tant bacteria.


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To the guy who posted at New Year's. Please write to management regarding your experience with this PC. They are very nice, but from my research, they are not very thorough. Also, maybe if WTRM could start doing the clover treatment (treating or inspecting adjacent apts) this wouldn't be an ongoing problem in the building.

I live on the 4th floor and I moved in in July. I purchased a new mattress and boxspring I did not have a problem until late October. I have had 4 treatment and the problem still exist. I went out to buy some Hot Shot today to suppliment the treatment. I will report back on how that works out. I have a very expensive super comfy bed that I am afraid to sleep in. I am a single guy that is too embarrassed to have company over. My out of pocket cost is skyrocketing due to constant laundering

and cleaning.

Met a lady on the 1st floor that had them about a year ago. the PC guys gave her 5 treatments that failed to work. Her Husband applied do it yourself pesticides and they have not had a problem in over a year. I will report back on the product that they used

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This is an update to the previous report.
The last inspection was around Halloween. They didn't find anything, but they put six monitors around my bedroom area. I check them every few days and have found nothing. I also have not had any bites.
So far so good!
Please note: the monitors are good for detecting a BB problem, not for treating. They should have been used by the PC early in the process, not in the end. I actually got some for my bed back when I got the boxspring and mattress covers


I have had my apartment completely unbagged, etc. for about a month now and no problems. Hopefully I have not jinxed myself.

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I moved into the building at the beginning of June of this year. A few weeks after move-in, I started getting bites. After some research, I reported to management that I thought I had bed bugs. I was scheduled immediately for inspection and given a sheet of what to do for preparation, basically wash all linens and clear clutter. In their inspection (July 1), they found nothing and came back two weeks later to once again find nothing. They said they treated anyway, as I had asked them to do


Weeks later, I was still getting bitten. At the beginning of August, we were notified of a building – wide inspection but it did not say what kind, so I called to ask (it was bed bug) and let them know I’d still been getting bites. Their inspection found nothing, but a week later, I caught a bed bug on my wall.

At this point, I bought mattress and boxspring covers (already had pillow), and the bedfeet monitors to put on after the inspection. They came and treated immediately (August 19), with a followup treatment and inspection two weeks later. Both times, I had left notes as to where I saw bugs, including the bugs contained in a sealed plastic bag, but they found nothing. The night after the first treatment, I saw a bug crawling across the carpet and I called both the management and pest control to let them know. After the second treatment, I found a live bug on the boxspring. I once again called management and pest control. PC came and inspected after two weeks and found nothing, except the bug in the bag I left for him, but they did not treat at this time. For a week or so I still had bites, but a couple of weeks after that I felt I was free.

HOWEVER, a few days after I started to put my clothes into the closet I started getting a bite every few days. I’ve stopped debagging my clothes, and I’m washing my bedding weekly and inspecting.

I know there were other cases in my building at this time, however I was told they were in the front part of the building and on upper floors. My apartment is in the basement, close to the laundry room and the alley. At the time of treatments, I saw mattresses and appliances thrown into the dumpster right next to the back door of the building. Not marked. I asked PC to inspect the room next to me (not an apartment) but I do not know if they inspected above me.

My problem is not as bad as it could be but this has been going on since end of June and I am exhausted. While management is trying to take care of the problem, I feel they could be more thorough. For example, everyone should have been advised to get mattress and boxspring covers for their beds, change to white bedsheets to help with detection, pull their beds away from the wall. Maybe others were told but I was not b/c they did not find any proof other than what I provided? I have been very thorough in my research and asked everyone many questions, and that is how I knew to do these things. As of now, I have not seen any bugs but I still get a bite every few days. I will update later when/if there is more news.

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Bugs on second floor. Management is not being responsive to the needs. Saw exterminator here 3 weeks ago to treat someone else's apartment but no intentions of treating my own.

Bedbugs - not the first time in this building. last I heard it was an "isolated incident" and now I have them.

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