5950 N Kenmore Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-3657

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The whole building is infested with bed bugs and roaches cause oof the nasty ppl they let move in and there is mice all outside in the back and by the side apartment and the traps sit there for months on in with dead rats and mice and nobody comes to pick em up or nothing and the smell is so bad pppl can't open windows or doors cause of the smell of rotting rats and mice in the traps the building gone down hill big time keep letting them nasty ones move in the building is going to be empty cause

of the bed bugs and roaches take over

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Someone on the fifth floor of this building had bedbugs in Sept/Oct 2009 and they have since spread to the third floor. Apparently the initial host on the fifth floor disregarded all pest control advice and dragged his infested mattress through the hallway and downstairs.

Now (Dec. 2009), on the third floor, we have them. It has been exhausting and costly, not to mention anxiety-provoking. The building management has been very lackadaisical about responding and says "every building we ma

nage has them." We treated them ourselves after an inspection, and sealed up the mattresses as well, but have since seen a few more live ones. We are waiting to collect more, since the exterminators will not treat without an additional inspection in which they actually see bed bugs. I am killing them collecting them in a plastic baggie, which just makes me want to barf and/or scream.

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