5920 N Kenmore Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-3646

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bedbugs everywhere!!! RE thing moving here. If you need anything done, it wont be! The building is clean but they choose to let just anyone move in and bedbugs are everywhere, ask the neighbors.
The one person who does maintenance is lousy. Nothing is fixed and you get false promises to have repairs done.

i have lived here since august 2011 and its a great building, eddie the janitor is always cleaning and fixes things right away. as for bedbugs, Im sure its an isolated incident but they can come from anywhere at anytime. I have no problems whatsover and love living here. The management always is around or a call away to repair things and they just painted , though a very boring color LOL its nice

Bedbugs all over this building not only 416, 409 411, 311, 309, 211, 517 and the list goes on and on. If you just ask around the buliding you will find out that no ones care specially not this president of the association of this building gives a shit because of course he doesn't live there.

My unit was infested with bed bugs. I had to throw away my matteress, head board, my daughter's bed, my sofa. I was so bad. What pist me off even more I learned that other tenants in the building have it too and no one said nothing about it. The management will only spray the infested unit but what they should do is take care of all of the units in that building.

that tenant brought the bed bugs in himself. those are clean condos in that building, they are not run down slum apartments. that tenant with bed bugs was seen on many occasions picking up garbage from the dumpster and bringing it into his apartment. he infested himself. but there was no landlord negligence at all. this guy in 416 ended up owing rent and ended up getting evicted, i saw the notice on his door.

there are no bed bugs here. that tenant with bed bugs was seen on many occasions picking up garbage from the dumpster and bringing it into his apartment. he infested himself.

horrible management, they don't care that the building is full of bed bugs it you tell them anything they said you brought it in... be careful don't rent any apartment here.. we have a new mattress that I will have to trow away because it went all over it... can't wait to be out of here

most apartments have bedbugs and no matter what they will NEVER go away BECAREFUL

Bed bugs in apt # 416

Bed bugs in apt # 416

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