5945 N Winthrop Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-3521

Found 3 reports:

I think your bedbugs may be walking over to other buildings! I found one roaming the back staircase of our unit. Please ensure everyone knows about the proper disposal methods of any infested materials.

Building was treated for bedbugs even though we never saw them or edivence of them. After treatment my parter found one in our unit! The whole building was treated for bedbugs a second time but I am still hearing reports from other units that they remain. Nightmare!

Found two bedbugs roaming around tonight. I thought I'd been miraculously lucky in not having bedbugs up until tonight. Two of my upstairs neighbors had bedbugs (I learned this by talking to one of the neighbors and overhearing the maintenance guy talking to the other), and I know of at least three other units in the building that have been infested.

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