5810 N Ridge Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-3446

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At the end of August/beginning of September 2012, we noticed a few tiny brown bugs on our bed. We caught them and looked them up online, and found that they were bedbugs. We threw out our mattress immediately, but that did not do any good- they are still everywhere and we are being fed on every night. The landlord thus far as tried to ignore us, but when we persisted she sent an inspector. He confirmed that these are, indeed, bedbugs, and said he would talk to the landlord. Since then, she has c

ontinued to ignore our calls, and then told her assistant that the inspector told her that he did not find anything. We are currently still trying to get her to deal with the issue, and are going to attempt a self treatment consisting of pesticide, diattomaceous earth, and steam cleaning tomorrow, September 15 2012.

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