5668 N Ridge Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-3429

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I started getting bed bug bites shortly after I moved into this apartment. One I realized what the issue was, I started researching bed bugs and contacted the maintenance person in the building. He speaks very little English, but said he would come spray twice a week if I needed it, which I said I did. He has sprayed twice, total, over the last 7-8 months.
When I asked if any other units in the building was having issues with bed bugs he VERY quickly responded "No no no!". Clearly he was w

rong, and later mentioned that the unit directly below mine was having some (apparently significant) issues with the bugs. I have also seen at least one other report on this site with regards to this building. Needless to say, I will not be re-signing a lease in this building, and I will be contacting the building manager in the morning, then contacting him again in writing if there is no significant action taken.

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