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The janitor do not clean very often, there are also mouse on the stairs I have told to the janitor and he is a bully person if you say something he tries to kick you out from the apartment. I think that this building should sell to a different person because this owner never come to see the issues in this building.

The janitor do not clean very often, there are also mouse on the stairs I have told to the janitor and he is a bully person if you say something he tries to kick you out from the apartment. I think that this building should sell to a different person because this owner never come to see the issues in this building.

After signing the lease to this apartment I discovered it had a history with bed bugs. I reacted and bought bedbug mattress protectors, bug dust, spray, and used them all accordingly.

In February 2013 I began to notice itchy welts on my legs and arms. I passed them off as a reaction. After they wouldn't stop appearing I investigated the mattress and found a relatively small infestation living between the box spring and mattress although they both were covered with protectors.

I contacted

the landlord who sent me on a goose chase to contact the apartment approved exterminator. After finally getting ahold of him it took a week(!) for them to finally come out and spray. They never performed a follow-up treatment but I never saw another bug, and I was bite-free until my move out day. It was probably helpful that I performed my own regular treatments, and I threw away my box spring, headboard, and bed stand and simply slept with my mattress on the floor.

These buildings are filthy, poorly run, filled with not only bed bugs, but roaches, water bugs, and silverfish. Covaci is a slum lord who puts the minimal into the apartment for the most money output. They simply remodel each apartment when someone moves out, fresh paint, counters, carpet, without ever treating the actual problems.

Never live here.

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In 2010-11, Allied Cleaning Services eradicated bed bugs in my apt. with heat treatment. Other tenants had bed bugs, but were ashamed to report it, or the situation would have been cleared up sooner. In 2009, Andersen used light--did not see any bed bugs and and does not treat for them anyway. Eventually, the bed bug, deer tick (from pigeons roosting on sunporch ledge), water bug (aka Oriental cockroach), biting ant problem got out of hand. Aplus Pest Control used nontoxic spray and cedarwood,

but managment would not allow them to do the whole building, so pests came back. I had never seen a bed bug until winter 2009--did not know what it was, had only heard of it from others. My daughter, a son and a caregiver all had bed bugs in their buildings. I still did not have any or did not see any. Found them hiding in hardwood floors, under baseboards, in my wooden bed and my wheelchair--OMIGod! THank God for heat treatment!! It is the most misearble thing to be bit by a bed bug and develop an allergic reaction, then have to go to an immunologist, but papaya juice and chamomile work for me as antihistamines. Heat is most effective (expensive, but worth it) to kill eggs,larvae, adult bed bugs and any other pest. ApLus should be used for maintenance after heat treatment, but it is stressful doing this for 6 weeks of treatment. Had to stay in a hotel for the initial treatment. I live on the first floor near the lake. Our building ledges and windowsills are pigeon retreats. Due to global warming and management not making bed bug detection/abatement a regular yearly part of maintenance thing and using the wrong company I do not have roaches or mice, but I have dust mites and deer tick and sometimes occasional 1-3 bed bugs in a month or two as the winter weather warmed up in 2012-13. We have also had rabbits that carwled through a hole in the front steps foundation. Neighbors get visible bites, but are in denial about bed bugs (though they may not see the bed bugs). I had not seen any or had not been bit in over a year and a half. I have sensitivity to diatomaceous earth, due to the dust that gets into my lungs, so I could not sleep in my bed for awhile, as they dusted my mattress, bed, and wood floors; However, it is less toxic and less harmful to me than Temprin and other chemicals, which I can't use. I have had visitors over the holidays and have a caregiver whose buiklduing has bed bugs now. I have even seen one or two in old hymn books in my church (in 2011). They are gone--have not seen anymore. I have been doing fall, winter clean-up and throwing out old things. Now I may see paper bugs and tiny white bed bug eggs or larvae (2 or 3)as I open bags to shred papers or bring boxes up from the basement. My steam cleaner is broken--darnit. Allied used bloodhounds--alos expensive--the dogs found until I told them that soemthing ws bitinbg me in my wheelchair--then the digs sniffed around the chair and Allied usud the steam. The heat, the steam found the bed bugs!!

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I was told proper extermination had taken place in this building by the landlord, Covaci, and that bed bugs were long gone. NOT TRUE. I jsut moved in with everything clean and washed, and even used two different powders recommended for sprinkling on carpet and mattresses/box springs.

I moved in two weeks ago and I jsut awoke with horrible bites and saw visible bugs on my wall and in my bed. This is not ok for anyone who is not ok with living with bugs. I don't know how these people around

me with children stay there. I cannot believe I was blatantly lied to. As a single female on a limited income I am now completely put out, and have to move again although I am not sure how to afford it.


I am currently working on getting my money back and moving out.

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If you're thinking about moving into this building, as you may be considering the nice location and cheap rent, don't be further tempted because the BED BUGS are still here. I don't know if they were in this particular unit before, but they have spread here now and it is a stressful headache. I wish I had researched this building before moving in. I grew up on a farm so I'm pretty immune to bugs but there is something uniquely gross about these that hide until you're fast asleep and then inch in

to suck your blood leaving itchy bites that resembling those of a spider or flea and can cause a rash. The stigma of having a bedbug issue sucks, too, of course you wanna be careful you don't spread the bugs to your friends couch or whatnot! The best thing I did was throw my bed away, which got rid of the nest, but there is still an occasional bug that turns up even after the chemical sprays. Now I'm trying a natural cedar resin spray that is supposed to kill them called CEDARCIDE. We'll see how that works!

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If you want to get rid of your bed bug problems, call Allied Services, Inc in Posen, IL. We "specialize" in ridding apartments, condos and hotels of bed bugs! We service a ton of properties in your area with much success!
Call (708) 396-0200 ext 9028 ask for Mike Perkins.

No way of telling if the bedbugs came from apts. next door or they were in the apartment. Landlord hired someone to spray with a chemical that is mostly only used on roaches and fleas. It did not stop infestation, just knocked them back for a couple weeks. At a loss, no money for heat treatment or even professional chemical treatment.

This is my boyfriend's apartment building, managed by a Bill Covaci character. This guy is a total liar. He admitted to my boyfriend that he'd been aware of a bedbug case in the building prior to my boyfriend moving in and chose not to tell him about it, or treat it properly. Needless to say, my boyfriend ended up with bedbugs in his apartment and was displaced for over a month while Mr. Covaci dragged his feet and used known ineffective treatments applied by building maintenance staff (i.e.

non-professional exterminators) to get rid of the bedbugs. In the meantime, a new tenant who was about to sign a lease asked Mr. Covaci's staff if there was a bedbug issue in the building, as he worked with schoolchildren. Mr. Covaci's staff blatantly lied to this guy and said no, when they knew there was a problem in my boyfriend's apartment right next door. Couple this with all the other lies my boyfriend has been told (we're painting the hallways, we're going to fix the intercom, we have all these wonderful plans for the building that never materialize) and you have yourself a slumlord. I think Mr. Covaci's preferred tenant is one that speaks little English and will keep their mouth shut about the barebones, half-assed maintenance and upkeep going on in the building. Being a property manager myself, it disgusts me that he gets away with what he does. In any case, if you think you have bedbugs and Mr. Covaci is your landlord, PURSUE HIM and DO IT IN WRITING. He will not respond until you have withheld money from him. That is the only language he seems to speak.

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