6011 N Kenmore Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-2953

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I am a community health care worker and I work with several families who live in this building. They are all suffering from a persistent bed bug problem in their apartments. It seems like the landlords don't want to hire professional bed bug exterminators and are instead spraying the apartments themselves or having their maintenance staff do it-- which is why the problem persists (?) In any case, the people I work with who live in this building have been plagued with bed bugs forever. And it's n

ot just bed bugs, they also have roaches in their apartments. For my part, I encourage them to move out whenever they can.

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This whole building is infested with bed bugs!! Poorly ran management the lady who works in the office "rachel" is rude and very obnoxious and is either married or related to the owner of the property conflict of interest? Don't be fooled by her when you first meet her and shes trying to get you to sign the lease make sure you ASK if there are bed bugs and cockroaches in the building because she will " conveniently " forget to mention that part oops!! Besides the bedbugs and of course the cockr

oaches you have a bunch of savages living in this building who will let there children sit in the hallway and play scream, shout and chase each other while your in your apartment you hear them screaming yelling and kicking the walls. When you leave your apartment or decide to have guests they will be welcomed by potato chips in the super slow moving elevator carpeting thats been there for years and have a FOUL odor. Oh yes get use to the foul smell in this building not going away anytime soon. The owner "joe" doesn't care about the building and if you complain about bed bugs or any infestation he will accuse you of seeking out buildings with problams similiar to his building that have roaches cockroaches so he doesent have to reimburse you for the damages that hes caused. Plain and simple STAY AWAY from this scam of an apartment rental!!

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Not every apt has a problem i curenly live here i don't have any bugs! people may say there clean but there really not!! and wont admit to picking something infested with bugs from the trash!!

I'm a collage student from Wisconsin and recently mo Ed into this building first I must say there are ALOT of Africans living in this building extremely dirty people not African Americans but straight up from the mother land. These people are rude loud and dirty. I saw the apartment and liked it clean walls nicely painted spacious apartment a week later I have 12 BIG bites on me that I have never seen before it's hard for me to sleep at night. The owner of the building doesn't care they leave th

e doors open all day long throughout the building and seems like this building has been infested with bed bugs for a long time and oh yeah positive reviews about the building being taken care of HELLO KENMORE REALTY STAFF!!!!

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Just moved into this building and am a super clean person. Never had problems with roaches or bed bugs in my life! After moving in 48 hours into my stay I notice roaches all in the kitchen area and some in the bathroom. 3 days into my new apartment I notice musquito bites then I told my friend about what could be doin this and she said bed bugs. I notified the landlord about the roaches and they sent a maintenance man with items from the ace hardware to kill the roaches and said they will only s

end out an exterminator for a big problem not little ones. Will be contacting my lawyer first thing in the morning please beware of this building nicely painted apartment but roaches and bed bugs!!

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I recently talked to the owner of the building and he said that the bed bug problem has been resolved and that all the units are free of bed bugs. I really liked the location of the building so I made sure that I could talk to the owner and address the bed bugs before I would rent there and he assured me that it was taking care of.

There are multiple units with bed bugs in this building. Building is being treated, but it is still a problem. 4/22/09

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