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Sweetie, your comment states: "apartment has been inspected three times, and it's continuously labeled clean."
By inspected does not mean exterminated, these are 2 different words, and bedbugs do not hang out in the open during inspection yelling: "I am here, come and catch me!". They hide in places hard to find when there are a few.
Your apartment likely has a few, so high signs do not show yet, such as excrement or blood.
They come out at night, in the dark while you sleep. My advise, c

hange to white sheets, make sure you have a light switch nearby bed and turn on lights by surprise every hour at night, I bet you will find at least one hanging out. If you see one, that means you likely have 5 at least and reproducing.

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For the last two months, I have been bitten my bed bugs. I've started wearing layers of clothing to bed in order to cover as much skin as possible. Since I've been bitten, my apartment has been inspected three times, and it's continuously labeled, "clean." Does anyone else have an explanation for why I'm still receiving multiple bites a night on my hands and face, (since those are the only openly exposed parts of my body)? I'm very frustrated. This seems to be far too common of a problem in the


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