6171 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60660-2800

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does anyone know the status of the bedbugs in this building? i am thinking of moving in and was curious...

thank you!!

In response to Anonymous, the last I heard there are 20-30 units being treated, with many of the worst infestations being in the 9th tier. Good luck with your treatment!

I don't recall experiencing bed bug bites in the past, but I did read that some people never show signs of bites. I received a notice on my door saying my unit maybe infested with these "critters" and needed to be inspected. Apparently bed bugs dwell in my unit. I checked my bed and initially didn't see any until the other day. I was changing my sheets and noticed one. Upon further inspection I counted 4. My unit is currently scheduled for extermination. Hopefully the problem is corrected. I'm c

urious to know how many units are infected in the building?

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Report of bed bug infestations in this building have occurred throughout the last couple of years at least. However, since the beginning of August 2010, reports have increased significantly. This building has 28 floors and approximately 300 units. Although management is attempting to contain the infestation, inspection and treatment is not occurring in a systematic and comprehensive manner. Therefore, even if tenants like myself take great care to adhere to instructions and minimize infestation,

it will not matter much as bed bugs from untreated units will continue to migrate.

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