6134 N Kenmore Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-2723
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I have live in this buiding since 2009 and Until about 6 months ago I really had no big complaints that is until I was attacked by bed bugs! OMG I had no idea what they were and was totally ignorant to them..So I stared my seach to get them the hell outta my house.. I just figured they has somehow managed to sneak in somewhere and that once I exterminated my apt that would be the end of them! Or so I thought.. I spend $150.00 on organic natural pesisides along with some fine powder called DELTA

DUST.. I spent hours cleaning and washing sheets, clothes, the walls floors, carpet, even vacumed the matress and boxspring and loaded them with the DELTA DUST and it seemed to work until about a week ago when the damn things came back.. The Landlord Arif is in total denial as well as his flunky Virgil.. They dont give a damn about anything other that rent.. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BULIDING! I am leavinG as soon as I can! he is a SLUM LORD and needs to be reported..

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I have lived here for over 3 years now and only till a year and a half ago I've notice several small red looking bugs on and near my 3 year old kid. I didn't know what they was at first my girlfriend had some strange spots on her and our child so she went to the doctor and they said it might be some sort of bug bite and the pattern suggest bedbugs check your bed and sure enough there was bugs not a lot but like 4-5 of them so we exterminated them and any more that we saw. then I call my land lo

rd which never called me back for it. I then went to the janitor but still meet with no help for the bugs. when rent time came I asked the manager who I finally saw to get the bugs out of the building. still to this very day only one guy ever steeped foot in our home to exterminate all other proceedings was done by either my girl or myself. so we now have this nightly ritual to kill all bed bugs before sleep. we empty the entire room of all contents only 2 beds now. then vacuum and then toss down some baby powder this keeps the numbers down tremendously we now might see 1 every other night cause they always adventure off from their hive in the walls. I know that they are in there cause I caught one climbing out the wall outlet. This building just went under new management and already needs new management the current owner of it now is a slum lord. Also just found out the company that manages it right now, “6134 n kenmore LLC”, is no longer an active company in the eyes of the government. OMG I just paid my Feb-2010rent to them...???

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I moved in here. Had no furniture and found a bug that I have never seen before near my newborn child. Turns out that they are bedbugs. My little one had over three bites. Me two both bitten in our faces. Landlord is extremely negligent. Has not returned calls in weeks. RUN!!

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