6165 N Winthrop Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-2641

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Well i will start by saying i have been a long term tenant here at 6165 winthrop and the crew that takes care of the building are doing a great job i have never had any issues with any bugs maybe its because im such a clean freak and i have been here for years.I have noticed alot of people bringing in old mattreses and graving futtons from the alley and bringing them back in our home come on people they are thrown out for a reason GARBAGE so dont pick up anything from the trash cause i would hat

e to get any of your bugs in my unit.

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I have never known that bed bugs were real until I moved here. I had them and tried to get rid of them unsuccessfully only to have to throw out my queen sized bed that was so comfortable. I was afraid to go to sleep because the only person eaten was me. Whenever I ask for help I am told that this building just have them and to be lucky that I don't have roaches and water bugs.

Bedbugs rampant in this hostel.

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