6021 N Winthrop Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-2625

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Date: 6/2010

we had a mild bed bug situation at our apartment, but my understanding is that other residents had it worse than we did back in april and may. we had them spray twice and wrapped our mattress and box spring in plastic bags and so far so good. the first resident who came up to us when we moved in in january asked us if we had a bed bug problem. i laughed and said no. now i wish i had listened and moved out =/ very thankful they haven't been back. management was not super helpful a

bout this.

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Our goal as Property Manager of the Arbor Winthrop is the comfort and security of our residents. We ask our residents to work with us to get rid of this problem, a problem that will be eradicated.

-Property Manager at 6021 N. Winthrop

I just found out I have bedbugs! Funny how management issued a statement on 7/9/09 and never informed any of their residents. Nice to know they put people and thier property at risk.

A followup response from Property Manager at 6021 N. Winthrop:

There has been a bed bug epidemic in Chicago and unfortunately our building has experienced some of it. Our management team has never experienced this particular problem for the 30 years we've been in business but we will do everything we can to take care of it. We take this problem very serious and have been proactive to kill these bugs. We will continue to educate our residents and exterminate every bug to kingdom come. If you

are a resident in the building, please report the problem to our office and we will do everything we can by working with our pest control team to eradicate this serious problem.

-Property Manager at 6021 N. Winthrop

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Yep. Positive. I'm thankful for this website. People have aprehensions about reporting these ev until someone else does. I'm beginning to go lose sleep just to do a Vlad the impaler-ish execution methods of on these jerks. I do want to throw everthingout! I hate CARPET! It's like clothes you don'twash often. WH the hell ivented this crap. And friend they can not cross petroleum jelly or climb metal. But they will climb a wall and drop. I stay up reading this to perect assasination techniques!

I also suggest inflcing chemical burn death by peroxide, CLR, windex and clorox! No GREEN WORKS for these babies! CORROSIVE AND ACIDICS! I may fill up a go smile vials an stamp them with MAX strength Drano. I'm not well. WHO DOES THIS!

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we found bed bugs a while ago. Now they have come back worse. They sprayed but that has not worked. I am tired of them and I do not want to get rid of my furniture. I have already thrown out a bed and a coach.

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