6011 N Winthrop Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-2625

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We moved here last year in 2011 august and the apartment 305 looked nice very clean. Two weeks after we moved here I noticed being reallllly itchy and bites. I I saw the bedbugs. I they are in the corner of of the walls and even in the closet corner walls. There are cockaroches,here too. I I don't mind the Rochester. I I just reallllly am not ok with the bedbugs problem. I I will be moving out this august

I came from another country and my first apt that i lived was this building last 2008-2010 there are bedbugs all over the building.And Some peoples who lives here before i came they said there a lots of bedbugs here from too many years ago and the landlord he doesn't interesting in tenant's requesting,to me and my family especialy my baby she's SO poor every night she can't sleep and has to woke up because of the hell bedbugs and i can't sleep almost every night i just awoke and killed the bedb

ugs that was crawling on my husband and my kid's body.it always like this every night! and i just waited and waited for my lease end because i not good about english language the only thing i can do was waiting and before i moved i have to throw almost every thing about my stuff even we don't have money to buy the new things.
I don't understand USA goverment why the let these thing happened to thier country and why they don't do some thing very strong about the owner or landlord because this is not fair

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