6018 N Winthrop Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-2624

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Well to say the least the place is a shithole. The manager MARION is the BIGGEST BITCH ive ever met for being a small ogre of a thing. She has the WORST attitude EVER, NEVER helps you out but will bitch at you every time she feels like it. The place is infested with bugs ive been food for them for a bit now. Nothing gets done about it either. If the owner can read this : PLEASE FIRE MARION AND THE OTHER GUY THAT WORKS THERE THEY SUCK!!!!

I moved in and was grateful for the room for my
income is not much - fixed social security. It was
filthy dirty and I cleaned it top to bottom. Bed
bugs from the beginning but I tried sprays first.
They are in the spring and mattress. It was a few
ago I was told they could be ordered as they were
out of new ones. I have yet to have a new mattress
and spring.

One handyman has a habit of opening the elevator
on the ground floor when you come down. You never
know if he is going to

do that and I almost fell
more than once as just as I am opening the door
he flings it open from the other side. If an
accident happens I will sue. He needs to stop that
kind of behavior.

The other handyman locked my door three times - after knowing - him, the fire department, the
computer and phone installation men. I left it
open for them to come in (the handyman having
knocked on my door to open it) and then he locked
it three times.

The handymen think they run the place even with
inappropriate conduct. The Manager cannot get
them to change. I am seeking to talk with those
who can effect the change.

I asked for small repairs on the sink and tub
to preserve the property. I asked for a chair
and or small table but if that is going to cost
me more I withdraw my request.

What bothers me is that I have treated the Manager
with much respect and thought we were communicating well. She said today, "I was
bothering her and had from the start and nothing
was going to change in the conduct of the handyman.

I tried to ask politely whatever I asked. And
I did. The building needs attention from the
owner. The Manager has leaks in her apartment
and I guess she also feels her unit could do
with some repairs.

The building location is excellent and I like
the area with shops and well, I feel bad about
what has happened - but bed bugs, repairs,
and handymen not harrassing tenants is important.

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i moved in this place about two and a half months ago,( may 1st till july 15) of 2011 and was never told before moving in about the bedbug, cockroach, and mice infestation. This place is the most disscusting place that i have ever lived in. The bathroom is full of black toxic mold, there are bedbugs, which is totally unexceptable to me, the building smells like catpiss, garbage, and cigarrettes. The woman and man that work in the lobby smoke like chimmeneys, in the lobby which is against the law

, because this is a business. I have asked the manager of the building named Marion, numerous times to give me the name and phone number of the owner but she refuses to. I have called the health department and the better business bureau, and reported this whole discusting situation, and i am moving the hell out of there a.s.a.p.

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i moved in june 22 and the next morning i woke up with bites. the lady marion at the front desk was not surprised to hear that i had been eaten alive!!! The same lady who checked me in basically said its a problem cant do much?? what the hell there should be some law suit i can file. Majorly pissed.

This building is an SRO (single room occupancy).
I have been a tenant for five years. About February of this year I happened to notice a blood spot on my sheets. They gradually increased in number. Other tenants in the building have complained about this problem for the last six months. Very little has been done to correct the problem, though I am aware of the difficulty in eradicating these little critters. Several tenants have shown me the welts from where they have been bitten.

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