1332 W Hood Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-2508

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Stayed here and got bed bug in 2010. I know other tenants had them too. Saw tons of dead cockroaches in the basement. The landlord said they were just 'junebugs' not roaches and that it was OK. Ridiculous. They did have a pest control person come in and 'spray' or whatever for bed bugs but it didn't do anything. You obviously can't kill the bugs that way but they refused to do anything else about it and I just ended up moving out.

Just saw a cockroach on 1st floor. I mat just move out early. Gonna be super paranoid the next 2 weeks now.

Huge ant problem. I mean huge. I would find them everyday in my bed, on the couch, in my dresser, on the walls, the sink...I was constantly flicking them off myself as I sat on the couch!! Do not move here! Smallest studio ever, bug problems no matter the season, awful management!

I too suffer from bedbugs. I am currently in 104. Awful property, and the landlord is even worse. Don't live here.

At least three of four units in this place had bedbugs. i definitely got them from a neighbor. also, tons of American Cockroaches in the basement. ants right outside the windows. i was in room 203

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