2970 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60657-5811

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I've been dealing with bed bugs for over a month. I was apparently cleared and had requested several times that other apartments around me be inspected. They finally had them inspected after the bugs came back. There have been several confirmed reports and now I have to get everything prepped again. I am very unhappy with how this situation has been handled.

September 8, 2012
Management reports two weeks after renewal of lease deadline that there have been several confirmed bed bug reports in the building and that they will do their best to get rid of them...how is yet to be seen. Nice timing though. Very considerate to tenants who will have to replace furniture and be bitten for the next year. Wirtz Realty Sucks big time.

Observed bedbugs on Jan 31, 2011. Notified landlord & building management, took 1 week for pest control to come give positive ID. They have treated the unit two times: 2/7 and 2/14. Management have been responsive to the problem but there is still work to be done.

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