2844 N Orchard St
Chicago, IL 60657-5214

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Report written Februrary 14, 2014: I tried to have faith in this apartment. It's just the right size for me and when I moved in, everything was newly renovated (floors, bathroom and kitchen appliances). Unfortunately, that doesn't eclipse the pest problem this building has evidently had on record for many years. After about a month, I started getting bites all over my body. Mind you, my mattress and furniture were all brand new upon moving into the apartment and I've never experienced bed bugs i

n my life so I was confused and disgusted by the multiplying red bites on all parts of my body, including my face! I contacted management immediately and after a total of 6 intense apartments sprays, the bed bugs persist. I' still getting bit as of last week, which is almost a year after I moved in. Luckily my lease it up in a couple of weeks and can leave this bed bug and more recently, cockroach infested building. I also heard management increased the rent on this apartment! Well good luck because a new coat of paint cannot cover up a reoccurring bed bug infestation. I would NOT recommend living here. I do however recommend they do the right thing and stop leasing apartments and instead close the building to treat everything so the infest station doesn't continue to spread.

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In 2010, I personally knew 4 tenants that had bed bugs in my building!! Thank gosh my lease was up just in time to move out of there. Regardless, that place is an absolute dump so I am not surprised. Yet, it surprises me that none of the tenants reported anything on this site. I can't imagine how many more buildings in Chicago has beg bugs since some people don't report it.

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