541 W Briar Pl
Chicago, IL 60657-4618

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My apartment is currently being treated for bed bugs and I know that two of my neighbors have/had bed bugs too. I realize that Okonski is doing what they can and exterminating as the problems are being reported. BUT it seems like other measures need to be taken ASAP. I know someone on the floor above me who reported having bed bugs as well. What is to stop the infestation from growing?

I am writing in response to the January, 2012 report from a tenant. I am from the management company. We treated 3 apartments, as soon as the tenants notified us and followed all of the exterminating requirements as the exterminating company required. The building has no additional bed bug problems. Additionally, the person filing the report is incorrect as this is the first incidence of bed bugs in the over 30 years we have managed the building. Please feel free to confirm with our extermi

nating company, Singer Sanitation, in Chicago.

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I recently discovered that I have bed bugs (January 2012), and when I called the management company, they informed me that others in the building have been recently treated. Someone who has lived there for several years also told me that there was a huge infestation about 2 years ago where everyone had to get treated. I'm moving and hoping to get rid of these bugs...I don't want to take them with me. Do not move into this building - they're just going to just keep spreading like wildfire until t

he management company fumigates the entire building.

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