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Just so everyone knows, I work for the exterminating company that services this location and at this point the building has no current issues with Bed Bugs. The management of Okonski Corporation has been very responsive to this issue. They have handled this problem correctly. They have been responsive to tenants reports. They have been proactive in searching out unreported Bed Bug problems by doing things such as canine inspections of the buildings. The issues in this building, as with most Bed

Bug situations, were brought into the building by residents unwittingly. Some of the residents did not report the problem and tried to handle it on their own, dragging infested furniture through the halls to dispose of the item and trying self treatment techniques instead of contacting management. These are the actions that caused their neighbors to have issues in their units. If those few residents that created the situation had been as proactive and responsible as the management has been to this issue then the problem would not have reached the level it did. We have had no reports of Bed Bugs in this building since last September. As far as the cockroach situation they have a monthly pest visit in the building that is geared towards the “normal” pests (cockroaches, ants, mice, etc.). If someone has a problem all they need do is to let the building management or the maintenance person they are having a problem and they are added to the sheet. They even pay us extra to come on off days when the next scheduled visit is too far ahead of the time of an insect complaint. Normally the reasons for cockroach problems in their buildings are because some of the residents do not report the issues. Unfortunately those people with cockroaches affect their neighbors also. The you have people like the ones who are listing their complaints here who see the cockroaches that spill over from other units with unreported problems. Obviously we must attend to these units but we do not automatically assume that the cockroaches are coming from another unit. Normally we work with the reporting individual and if that does not end their problem then we expand the scope of the issue. In addition it would help if units were prepared for service, emptying cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, so that we can safely maximize our efforts. Okonski Corporation has, when we have advised, done building wide sweeps, an expensive proposition, when we feel there are units not reporting problems. This management company has always been very attentive to the needs of their residents but remember that nobody can solve an issue that they do not know exists. Residents do have a responsibility to report their issues to management. We consider Okonski Corporation as one of the better management companies we work with.

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I moved out of 535 W. Briar a few months ago and although I never had a problem with bed bugs I heard of plenty of neighbors that did. Bed Bugs create a kind of hysteria and I honestly think some residents might have over-reacted. I will say that the management company tries to do their best, but the building is so old and their are so many cracks in the walls and nooks for bugs to crawl through that your chances are pretty bad. I never saw a bed bug, and my apartment was inspected f

or them. However I saw a ton of roaches. Big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny ones... roaches roaches roaches. I'm amazed I didn't contract some type of disease. The Management company tries to deal with it, but they need to fumigate the whole place. They should shut down the apartment and provide alternative housing for all of its residents while they gas the entire place. Okonski needs to make moves, but the problem is so widespread they may have already lost the fight.

It's tempting to live in their buildings... they are so cheap that you think its a steal... Until you notice little brown ovals scurrying around your floor in the night. During the end of my stay i seriously had a can of Raid near me at all times.

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Anyone know how many units were detected as having bedbugs by the dog on Friday?

If so, what area of the building?

We probably all know it now with the notice we got under our doors yesterday, but it is definitely bedbugs again. I had them in my living room last time (late summer), and just got bitten on Sunday 4/11/10 when on my couch, after 8 months of being bite free. I saw the bug and am 100% certain it was a BB as I did a lot of research last time and know what they look like. It was also full of blood, so pretty good indication there. I react extremely badly to the bites, so I will know as long as

they are still in my unit. Got treated today, here's hoping they can wipe the whole building out. The key is that everyone needs to do a good job prepping thier units! And don't throw things down the garbage shoot that might be infested!

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Just an FYI...50% (or so) of people never react allergically to bed bugs so having bites does not really determine if there's a problem. A person could have hundreds of bugs in their apt and not one bite...that's one reason they're so elusive. It's the evidence you collect that counts (actual bugs, cast skins, feces, eggs, etc.) Good luck Leon!!!

Please on Monday, keep us all posted with the outcome of the visit by the PCO. There are lots of bugs in these old buildings. If they are not biting there is a high probability that they are not BBs! Here's hoping!

Please on Monday, keep us all posted with the outcome of the visit by the PCO. There are lots of bugs in these old buildings. If they are not biting there is a high probability that they are not BBs! Here's hoping!

They are coming on Monday. We are so much more fortunate than most folks as our management takes swift action. I have noticed no bites. Hopefully, this is early intervention.


Have you been bitten (They itch like crazy)? Are you sure they are BBs? Did you bag one for Kevin the PCO to look at and identify? Typically if you sleep in the couch that is where they would be...

Let's move fast and if this is a problem lick it before it becomes wide spread!

I have been awake since 2am when I awoke with bedbugs. I dodged the bullet when that dog came through but I was at work for 14 hours today and will contact management tomorrow. I am on the 4th floor. I can't go near my bedroom tonight. I probably would have discovered this problem earlier but I almost always fall asleep on the couch.....no bugs there....yet.


It is VERY important to collect a bug in a zip lock bad, dead or alive, and get it to the management immediately for the PCO to identify what it is. Seeing a bug crawling in a living room is not indication of a BB problem. You also have not indicated that you have been bitten recently. These little guys do not roam an apartment but hide and bite under cover of darkness for the most past.

We have notified the management today and they are all over it! I urge you to please contact

them IMMEDIATELY so that they can explore further and PLEASE if you see a bug, bag it for identification. It is easy to freak out after all that we have been through in this building. Let's prevent another problem through swift action!

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I live on the 5th floor. I think my apartment was one of the last ones to become infested last summer. The bedbug sniffing dog did not detect any bugs even though I was being bitten. We went through the extermination process fall of 2009. Until now the problem seemed to be solved. But the bugs are definitely back. I saw one crawling on my wall and then I found one crawling along my floor (both in my living room). Is anyone else having problems again?

Has anyone in this building had continued problems past this post of 8-20? Just trying to stay on top of the problem in this building and would love to hear about the experiences of others, if there have been any. Let's communicate! It is the best defense against large infestations.

I am on the fifth floor and after the aggressive treatments pursued by the landlord (sniffing dog followed by exterminator treatments) the problem appears to have been solved. The management has been very proactive compared to other buildings where friends live that have bedbugs that now seem to be a very common problem.
August 20, 2009

I found out that the majority of infested units are on the fourth floor (almost every unit in fact). There are a few on the fifth floor, one on the second, and none in the common areas (thank God...). The landlord is now treating this problem aggressively and all affected units have been exterminated. Some are still waiting on their second treatment. Let's cross our fingers that this is it!!!

It is true, even the top floors have bed bugs. Landlord needs to spray the whole building. Its too late to attack this room by room.

As of 7/1/09, I have found out that at least 6 apartments on the 4th floor have bed bugs including myself. This is so horrible, I can't even sleep b/c I am so grossed out and scared of being bitten. Our landlord is bringing in a dog and I really hope the treatment works.

Recently, 6/18/09, a neighbor of mine was moving out. We were talking passing and she revealed to me that the building we live in was being infested by bedbugs, and that many of the lower floors were affected, and the upper floors were becoming infested as well. later that night, I heard from a good friend who lives on the 3rd floor that her apartment was infested. Not only have I seen the eggs, and the dead adults personally, but I have seen the effect that they can have on humans.

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