452 W Aldine Ave
Chicago, IL 60657-3637

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I have lived here for two years and this is my last year here. If your looking for a quiet place I would look elsewhere. Its like Im living with the people upstairs.

I can tell when they wake up and or drop objects like shoes and or my poroblem a squeaky noisy bed.

It's like living with your neighbors as walls are paper thin and you can hear converstaions and it sounds loud when they stomp arouund with no consideration for the poeple below or above you. If you like quiet which is why I'm

outta here I'd not reccommend this place. Unless you like getting up at 4 AM with your neighbors above.

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Who is your property manager at Cagan? Can you tell me their name? I would like to know who is responsive since my property manager at Cagan is a nightmare to work with.

I started to notice a few blood spots on my sheets (they're white btw) and I thought was prolly pimples that popped over night, however I started to notice little bites on my arm, then one day I found it "A freaking bedbug".....Our management company was absolutely fast/responsive to the issue and they contracted an exterminator right away, so far the issue has been resolved and they have made a follow up in the building, that happpened a few months ago and I can tell; there's nothing to worry a

bout anymore (as far as for my apartment haha)

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It has been about six weeks since my last bed bug treatment and so far I have no seen anything in my own individual unit. Both sides of the building went through two rounds of treatments. Each treatment lasted one week across the entire building, and there were three weeks in between treatments. I felt Cagan was extremely communicative during this stressful time. I received weekly letters at my door informing me of the proper way to prepare for my treatment and the status of the building. My onl

y complaint is that I have yet to receive final notification that we are bed bug-free. I would assume so because I have not heard otherwise, but it would be nice to know for sure!

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Saw the 09/01/10 post about bedbugs currently in the building. I had bed bugs in this apartment building in the fall of 2009, so this is not a new issue. Old property management company was very responsive, however we went through a property management change in the middle of my ordeal. I found the new management company was equally as responsive. Great exterminator. I have since moved out and was able to safely move and not take them with me, but I wish everyone luck with their ordeal and hope

the building wide extermination is a success.

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Bed bugs are currently in the building, although it has not been announced whether it is in the east wing or the west wing (or both). Property manager has been communicative, and an exterminator is coming to treat every unit the week of 9/6/2010.

452 W Aldine, Chicago, Illinois. Bed bugs in residence.

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