2438 N Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60647-2633

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July 15, 2012 this place if full of bugs. At first I thought it was allergies, but I cleaned carefully and washed everything and used white, white sheets. Sure enough that night, I woke up with more bites. I have about ten all told. I'm hoping I'm getting this as it first starts as I've only been bitten about a week.

Plus this place if full of roaches, which you can deal with as they stay in the kitchen. But bed bugs. Avoid this building like the plague. I have been here for years and never h

ad a problem with bed bugs. In fact I've been here for over 10 years and no bed bugs.

What a nightmare

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This place is a nightmare, the apartment I rented (I have been here since august 2010) is so infested that the bed bugs can be seem climbing up the wall. I really didn't know what was going on for a long time I have awakened with 50 or more bites, I have lost everything I have, and the landlords reply, if you don't like it move!!!! they are at this very moment showing an apartment to a prospective tenant that they know for a fact is infested!!! I am leaving soon, but i have not slept a full nig

ht in months, the psychological effects are worse than the physical. I am constantly obsessed with the idea that bugs are crawling on me, and I can't shake it, do not move here, you have been warned, and if you need me to verify this info for legal or other reasons please contact me on my email. Good Luck!!!

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I have been living there for many years. There was a few problems with roaches, but nothing that wasn't controllable with boric acid. Today I woke up with a bite on my arm. It definately is a bed bug. Problem is this guy rents to anyone and has a high turn over of low income tenents. While they tenants are fine in themselves, they buy things from thrift stores and that means BED BUGS. Unfortunately I can't afford to move so I hope I can get my flat under control before it gets too bad <sigh>

We lived here for three months, and midway through the third month both roommates started noticing mosquito bite like itchy bumps, but no other tell tale signs of bed bugs - we thought it was allergies. Until a couple days later, with this continuing to happen, I woke up suddenly at 5 am, and saw a big fat one crawling on the wall. I spent the next few hours scouring the internet for information about bed bugs, and it was unmistakable. I saw four more during that morning, and we had the red/blac

k blood stains on our bedsheet and pillows. As a first step, we tried washing absolutely everything, and using a hotshot brand fogger and aerosol spray. After that exhausting 24 hours of cleansing, upon just getting the thoroughly sanitized and covered bed back in order, not 10 minutes after sitting down, I saw another one. And then four more throughout the rest of the evening. The building is also infested with cockroaches; I would recommend to anyone not to give in to the lack of security deposit and tempting month to month lease, and avoid this building. We only returned after this night to wash and remove our essential belongings.

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